What Skills Do I Need as a Waitress?

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One of the skills a waitress must have is the ability to manage several tasks at a time as part of the requirements to handle the many demands of the job. A waitress must be able to learn quickly so as to commit the menu and other details to memory in order to relay any information regarding such details to the customers who might need them. The job of this individual is a physically demanding one, so a waitress must be fit enough to handle the long hours of standing and moving about that come naturally with the job. Perhaps the most important skill a waitress must have is good interpersonal skills in order to relate well with both the numerous customers and other coworkers. This person is also expected to be a good time manager in addition to being a good representative for the restaurant establishment.


Anyone working as a waitress must also be able to juggle several tasks at one time, which is an important skill needed to effectively manage the various activities such a person might be expected to perform at any given moment. For example, such a skill will be needed to scan tables for anything out of place, greet customers, take orders, and clear tables at the same time. This person should know enough about the food and drinks at the establishment to be able to carry out a knowledgeable explanation regarding the issue when asked by customers. They must also be able to remember faces so as to greet returning customers in a friendly manner and to ask them questions regarding their favorite items on the menu.

In addition to multi-tasking, one of the more visible skills that a waitress must have is the ability to communicate effectively with people. This is related to the fact that the person in this position is the point of contact between the company and the customers who may decide on whether to come back or not based on the treatment they receive from the waitress. Accordingly, many restaurants and other similar establishments place a priority on individuals with a cheerful and friendly disposition when they are considering people for the position of a waitress. They understand that most people form impressions about such places partly on the manner in which the staff treat them.


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