What Skills Do I Need as a Sales Administrator?

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A sales administrator has the job of providing support for a team of salespeople or an entire sales department. Much of this job requires administrative skills, such as those involved in preparing documents, keeping records and generating reports. You also will need communication, interpersonal and problem-solving skills for dealing with sales team members and customers. Computer skills are required, because many documents are generated using computers, and many companies use computers to generate reports and presentations. Organizational and prioritization skills as well as creative ability can also help you excel in this job.

Among the skills that you will need to become a sales administrator are those that involve administrative support. You typically will need the ability to create documents, prepare proposals and draft reports for this job. This job might also require record-keeping and filing know-how. For this job, you might have to create and maintain schedules, so experience with this type of work will likely prove to be critical. Some employers, however, might be willing to train you for some of these tasks, especially if you are otherwise qualified for the job and are a fast learner.


Computer skills also are among the most important skills that you will need as a sales administrator. You will need significant knowledge of and capability with programs that are commonly used in business, including spreadsheet and database programs. Likewise, you typically will need experience with presentation software. Experience with email and online video conferencing software usually will be helpful as well.

Interpersonal and communication skills typically are critical in a job as a sales administrator. In this position, you will have to communicate with members of a sales team, customers and prospective buyers. You often will serve as an initial point of contact for unhappy customers and will need to speak courteously, even in tense situations. When members of the sales team are out of the office, you might have to deal with a large number of requests and concerns, taking messages, setting appointments and sometimes performing minor troubleshooting. As such, the ability to put customer service first, even as you multitask, will often be important.

Organization and prioritizing skills might help you in a sales administrator position. This job might require you to keep track of sales documentation and promotional materials and possibly order and replace them on an as-needed basis. Sometimes, you might have to track orders or sample requests as well. You might receive many requests at one time, so prioritization skills are likely to come in handy.

Critical thinking and creativity might also help you excel as a sales administrator. In this job, you might be called on to assist in creating presentations or planning sales events, and the ability to think like a customer might be helpful. Additionally, other staff members might seek your opinion when it comes to determining what is right or wrong with a quote, presentation or promotion.


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