What Skills Do I Need as a Room Attendant?

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There are some special and some general skills that are required to work as a room attendant. For example, a person must have a firm understanding on how to clean a room, including making a bed neatly and crisply. In addition to specific knowledge on cleaning, general skills that a room attendant should possess include physical strength, good communicate skills, a friendly and honest personality, and excellent time management skills.

In many cases, an employer will expect a room attendant to present guests and visitors with clean living areas and public areas. As a result, one of the most important skills for this job is the ability to pay attention to details. For example, fingerprints on television screens, mirrors, and windows may need to be removed. When cleaning bathrooms, the shower curtains may need to be washed and replaced. She may also need to monitor a room for less routine duties, such as replacing air filters, steam cleaning carpets, changing blankets, or taking care of the special needs of a guest.

Another important skill for a room attendant is the ability to be physically active for extended periods of time. For example, an attendant may need to lift furniture, push a heavy stock cart, reach high shelving, bend under desks, and pull bulky vacuums through long hallways. In addition, she must have the endurance to complete these tasks many times in a day and usually several times each week.


It is also important that a room attendant possess good customer service skills, such as friendliness, honesty, and the ability to communicate. For example, she may be expected to greet guests in the hallways, in elevators, and even in their rooms in a positive manner. Since many people leave their possessions in their rooms, a room attendant might need to be bonded — or insured — in case an item goes missing during a guest's stay. In addition, she may be expected to help guests with basic information, such as information about the room, the property, the neighborhood, and other neighboring attractions.

Time management typically is an important skill for a room attendant as well. For example, an attendant may need to have a set number of rooms clean by a specific time. If one room is extremely dirty, she may need to communicate with a supervisor so that additional help can be giving to ensure that the room is ready on time.


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Post 2

@Rotergirl --- So true. I have a friend who was a room attendant at a luxe hotel in Nashville, and the stories she told about some of the people she saw -- some very famous -- would curl your hair. She never named names, but worked with ladies who had been housekeepers for the stars and they had some pretty lurid tales to tell, too.

Post 1

All of the above and a strong stomach. Room attendants see things that would make anyone else sick. Housekeeping isn't an easy job, and not everyone is cut out for it.

At some hotels, extreme discretion is also called for. Some room attendants see activities that could really mess up some lives and public personas.

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