What Skills are Needed for Clerical Jobs?

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Every place of employment has at least one person that handles the clerical duties. This person is a vital part of the company, as he or she is responsible for handling integral aspects of the business such as filing, typing, answering phones, record keeping and associating with clientele. In order for you to apply for clerical jobs, there are some skills that are important for you to have.

Some clerical jobs require that you associate with clientele, so it is vital that you have an impeccable demeanor. You should be pleasant to be around, have good manners and be composed even under the most horrendous situations. When you are speaking with clients, you are representing your workplace, so it is important that you act professionally when doing so.

Clerical jobs usually require doing a lot of typing, so some employers require you to be able to type a certain amount of words per minute. If you would like to work in a clerical position and feel that your typing skills are not up to par, you may want to take a typing class. Consider checking if your local community college offers any courses.


Showing that you are able to multitask is an asset to have when you are applying for clerical jobs. Considering that you would be responsible for several tasks around the office, it is important that you can complete them in a timely fashion. In order to do so, you will usually be doing several things at once, for example, answering several phone lines and typing information into the computer.

Working in clerical positions requires that you have excellent organizational skills. It is important that you keep things in order so you can find what you need as soon as you need it. A boss will most likely not be happy if he or she has to wait an entire day while you look for requested information in a stack of papers. Use any supplies possible to ensure that your area is neat and organized at all times.

When applying for clerical jobs, think about what beneficial skills you have that would stand out on a resume. It is important to have the necessary skills to perform the requested tasks at a particular job. Not only should you look good on paper, but you should also be able to back up those listed skills as well.


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