What Should I Look for in Used Pilates Equipment?

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When buying used Pilates equipment, look for the best quality product available at the lowest price with the easiest process of acquisition. In terms of quality, determine if the equipment is in good repair. If it is not, inspect the equipment to see if it can be repaired or refurbished at a reasonable price. Ensure the used Pilates equipment can be picked up conveniently or can be shipped affordably.

Pilates is a type of exercise named for its originator, Joseph Pilates. A German, Pilates was interred in England during World War II. Both a boxer and a circus performer, Pilates developed his exercise system so that he could maintain physical shape in a confined space. Pilates exercises features developing core strength and flexibility.

The first step in acquiring used Pilates equipment is to find a source from which to purchase. Many stores offering new Pilates equipment also buy and sell used equipment. Internet-based retailers and auction sites also are a good avenue for finding and buying used Pilates equipment.

Whether new or used, Pilates equipment can be divided into two categories: large and small. Small pilates equipment includes exercise matts, balls, and bands; toning balls; magic circles; and foam body rollers. Large Pilates equipment includes the ladder barrel, Pilates chair, half arc, Pilates tower, trapeze table and reformer.


Small used Pilates equipment typically comes in one piece and the quality can be verified by visual inspection. This equipment also can be shipped relatively easily and inexpensively, with the exception of the large exercise ball, which can be heavy and bulky. Considering large used Pilates equipment, the purchaser needs to ensure that equipment with bands and pulleys have those devices in place and in working order. Call a repair shop ahead of time to get an idea of what general repairs may cost.

Large used Pilates equipment also can be bulky and heavy. If buying this type of equipment locally, care must be taken to ensure the purchaser has a vehicle that can accommodate the machines. When buying online, consider the cost of shipping and add that to the purchase price.

Generally, regardless of the type of used Pilates equipment, the prospective buyers should visually inspect the equipment for obvious signs of excessive use or damage. This can be done photographically online as well as in person. When possible, the equipment’s moving parts should be tested out to determine their condition.


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