What Should I Look for in a Dog Booster Seat?

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When choosing your dog booster seat, consider safety first. Choose a booster seat that includes a safety leash, harness, or strap to secure your dog properly. Finding the correct size that can support your dog's weight is essential as well. Other features such as a washable liner or compact storage capability may also influence your decision.

Consider whether you want to purchase a new or used dog booster seat. Although you may find a good deal second-hand, consider the pros and cons of doing so. It may not be a good idea to buy your dog booster seat as a used item, unless you can inspect it in person. Also, a used dog booster seat will have wear and tear, and over time the support may be worn down.

Some pet booster seats feature a dog seat belt. Consider where you'll place the dog booster seat and if it will be easily secured. You do not want to risk the dog booster seat coming unsecured while traveling with your pet.

Almost every dog booster seat made for a small or medium-sized dog will allow the pet to sit elevated above the car seat itself. This will allow a comfortable riding experience for your pet. Not only will your dog be able to look out the window, he'll be less likely to feel ill from a bumpy ride.


Never buy a dog car restraint that is too small for your dog. Choose your dog booster seat according to your dog's size and weight. Read the specifications on the package carefully. The dog car seat needs to support your dog's weight or else your pet could be injured.

If your dog is prone to heavy shedding or you own a puppy that drools excessively, look for a pet booster seat that has a removable lining. One that is machine washable is preferable. If you choose a car seat that does not have a removable liner, keeping it clean and stain-free will be difficult.

Some booster seats for pets are convertible. This means it can easily convert into a backpack for portable transport. Others can fold down for use as a comfortable pet bed. You might want to consider these options for extra versatility.

Keep in mind your seat will need proper ventilation. If the pet restraint is enclosed or partially enclosed on the sides, be sure it is constructed of a breathable material. Mesh sides will provide airflow your pet requires.

Also, consider your pet's unique needs. For example, an older dog with arthritis may do well with an orthopedic type of cushion insert. Additionally, some pet booster seats have an optional cushion that easily deflates for compact storage.


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