What Should I Know About Trash Removal?

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One of the essential things to learn when moving into a new neighborhood is how trash removal is handled. This can involve learning when the local municipality picks up trash in the neighborhood, what type of containers are considered acceptable, and any limitations on the type of refuse and trash that the city sanitation workers are authorized to pick up. Here are a few of the things you should learn about the process of trash removal whenever you move into a new city, town, or neighborhood.

Today, communities of many sizes operate some type of waste management service. The service may be operated as part of the overall sanitation efforts of a department with the city government, such as a water and sewage division or a waste management department. In small towns and rural areas, trash removal may be handled by contracting the service out to a waste management company. Knowing who handles the rubbish removal will help you to know must be contacted in the event you have questions or complaints.


When trash pickup of some type is provided, it is important to determine the exact schedule dates for pickups. Even if you are moving from one location to another in the same city, that does not automatically mean the trash collection takes place on the same days of the week. While you may have gotten used to trash removal on Mondays and Thursdays, your new neighborhood may receive this service on Tuesdays and Fridays. Knowing when trash removal takes place will ensure you have your trash bin or other receptacle in place for the sanitation workers to empty your trash.

Along with the schedule, you also should look into the type of containers that are allowed for use in the neighborhood. Many cities now provide wheeled trash receptacles for citizens to use. Residents roll the receptacles to the street, where the workers will empty the contents into a collection vehicle. Using an unauthorized type of receptacle will ensure that your trash is not picked up in most cases.

There are usually some types of limitations of what sort of items may be picked up as part of the routine trash removal. Normally this is a matter of size, although the type of materials may also be a factor. For example, used furniture, large limbs, or other bulky items may not be picked up as part of the regular removal process. In order to have those items removed, it is necessary to contact the sanitation department and schedule a separate pickup. Keep in mind there may be an additional fee assessed for this extra service.

Many municipalities encourage recycling. Typically, the city provides plastic containers in bright colors that can be used to turn in plastic bottles and certain other used items for recycling by the city. While most cities will accept plastic and paper, not all municipalities will accept items such as glass for recycling. Make sure you know what types of materials are collected for recycling purposes and what days those materials are collected, as the collection may not occur on the same day as the standard trash removal.

Learning about trash removal procedures and guidelines can save you a great deal of time, expense, and frustration. As part of the process, you may become aware of services or amenities that are provided locally that will be of use at a later date. Take the time to acquaint yourself with how trash removal is conducted in your neighborhood and life will be a lot less complicated.


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Post 3

I want my surroundings clean and green and that's why I love trash removal services.

Post 2

@afterall, another point about items like furniture and appliances is that if they can be used again, some donation centers will pick them up for you.

Another thing that many trash removal companies will not touch is a dead animal, such as roadkill or animals found in your yard. In most areas, you need to call Animal Control to remove them.

Post 1

If you are serious about recycling, it is also a good idea when you move to a new area to find out where there might be a recycling center to drop off things that the residential trash removal and recycling services don't accept. This could especially be a good idea for things like appliances and furniture.

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