What Should I Know About Trampoline Safety?

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While trampolines can be a great source of entertainment and exercise, they can also pose dangers when those who use them do not follow basic trampoline safety rules. Serious injuries can occur, including debilitating injuries and paralysis. In rare cases, injuries may result in death, so it is important to practice trampoline safety.

Trampoline safety, like most other safety measures, includes supervising children. Children should not use the trampoline unless an adult is present. Kids are easily tempted to show off or to try impulsive stunts that could lead to severe injuries.

Small children should always be supervised and instructed by adults. Also, be aware of neighborhood children who may be tempted to use your trampoline when you are not present. Make sure it is clear that doing so is not allowed and let the children know that your neighbors will be watching your home whenever you are away.

Speaking of stunts, trampoline safety guidelines also advise against forward and backward flips, which can cause serious injury, especially because of the way people land. Landing on one’s neck or hitting one’s head on the trampoline frame can cause serious or even fatal injuries. As for other trampoline safety measures, it is a good idea to obtain padding for the frame and springs, as well as a protective closure for the perimeter. Doing so will help limit contact injuries and falls from the surface, and provide greater overall trampoline safety.


Another important rule of trampoline safety is limiting the use of the trampoline to one person at a time. While it seems like fun to jump around with others, many injuries are caused when too many people are moving around on the relatively small surface at the same time. It is important to follow weight limit guidelines as well, and to make sure that observers don’t stand too close or reach or crawl under the trampoline when in use.

Near the turn of the 21st century, there were well over 100,000 trampoline injuries reported in one year’s time that required emergency room care. There were also six reported child deaths in a two-year period. The good news is that most serious injuries and fatalities can easily be avoided by following a few simple trampoline safety rules.


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