What Should I Know About Male Liposuction?

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While the use of liposuction is popularly associated with women, the fact is that male liposuction has become increasingly popular. Male liposuction may take place in order to trim the midriff, reduce the size of male breasts, or to get rid of rolls and love handles around the stomach or on the lower back. While the procedures are more commonplace today, there are a few things you should know about male liposuction before you consider undergoing one of these procedures.

First, it is important to remember that a male liposuction procedure is, in fact, a surgical treatment. That means there is a degree of risk present, just as there would be with any type of surgical procedure. Depending on the severity of the procedure, it may be possible to perform male liposuction on an outpatient basis. However, there are some procedures that require a hospital stay. A qualified physician can provide you with liposuction surgery information and help you understand the risks and the environment where a given procedure can take place.


Liposuction for men usually requires some amount of recovery time, even with simple procedures such as male liposuction love handles removal. Because the procedure is invasive, there will some inflammation and swelling, along with the possibility of bruising. The doctor will provide you with instructions on how to deal with the pain, including issuing a prescription for anti-inflammatory or pain regulation medication if necessary. Make sure you allow some amount of time to recover from the surgery before resuming your usual activities.

Male liposuction may be used to help contour problem areas of the body. For example, liposuction is helpful in removing excess body fat from the upper chest, specifically around the breasts. In the case of male liposuction abdomen contouring, the removal of excess fat may make it easier to see progress that is made in firming up abdominal muscles through workouts. Augmenting regular exercise with liposuction can help a man feel better about his personal appearance in a shorter period of time.

One fact that often surprises men is that male liposuction normally costs a little more than similar procedures for women. This should not really be a surprise, since the body fat on men is usually more fibrous than the body fat carried by women. Another consideration has to do with sheer volume. Men are normally larger than women, so it requires more time and effort to completely change the contours of the body using liposuction treatments.

It is important to note that liposuction is not for everyone. If your doctor determines that a current health issues would complicate your recovery from the liposuction procedure, chances are you will not be able to convince a reputable surgeon to perform the procedure. In addition, liposuction can only provide so much assistance in changing physical appearance. If you are not willing to engage in activities that work with the liposuction to eventually achieve the look you want, it is probably not in your best interests to undergo the procedure.


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