What Should I Know About Doll Collecting?

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Throughout the centuries, children have played with dolls. From the simplest rag doll to the most sophisticated designer fashion doll, dolls of all shapes and sizes can be found in homes all over the world. Doll collecting is a hobby for those who never outgrew their love of dolls. It can quickly become an obsession as the collector spends her life hunting for dolls that will make the collection complete.

People who wish to begin a doll collection may feel overwhelmed at how to go about choosing dolls for their hobby. It's important that they conduct research from reputable sources about doll collecting in order to avoid the pitfalls of receiving inaccurate information about the hobby. First, a new collector should go to the library to check out books about doll collecting. If possible, subscribe to doll magazines which provide readers with up-to-date information about doll collecting, doll history, doll artists, prices, and more.

Once a person has a basic overview of collectible dolls, she should visit doll shows. Some cities present such exhibits open to the public. Attendees can view different dolls on display, meet doll artists, and purchase dolls. This is also the opportunity to meet experienced doll collectors who are usually quite happy to answer a new collector's questions about the hobby of doll collecting. They can provide valuable advice about the types of dolls that are best for a person to begin collecting and what to look for when beginning the hunt for dolls.


Doll collectors should look everywhere for dolls to add to a collection. Thrift shops, garage sales, and flea markets are excellent choices for those seeking to purchase dolls. Many people selling at such venues have no idea what the dolls are actually worth. A savvy collector can purchase dolls at a good price, far below market value.

A successful doll collector decides which dolls she wants to collect before she begins the process. For example, some collectors purchase dolls made by only one specific artist. Others buy dolls from other countries, only antique dolls, or only fashion dolls. Doll collectors should strive to know as much as they can about the dolls they are collecting in order to make wise decisions about the dolls they decides to buy.

Never purchase a doll just because it's suspected that the value will increase over the years. A collector must be passionate about the dolls she adds to her collection. If she doesn't love the dolls she possesses, doll collecting quickly becomes a burden, not a hobby.


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