What Should I Know About Children's Consignment?

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Children's consignment is a blessing for parents. Children are constantly outgrowing clothes and becoming bored with toys. Buying new ones all the time becomes very costly. However, gently used toys and clothes are just as good as buying brand new ones, as long as you know what to look for.

Children's consignment includes gently used clothes. When shopping for children's clothes, look for shirts and pants that are free of stains or tears. Most stains, when set in, are difficult or impossible to remove. Missing buttons and snaps can be easily replaced. Bring a measuring tape to measure the inseam in used pants, as oftentimes they have shrunk.

Children's consignment shoes can be a lifesaver for parents. Kids' feet grow like weeds, sometimes outgrowing a pair of shoes every month. When purchasing used shoes, make sure the children try them on while wearing socks, to prevent the possible spread of athletes foot. After purchase, remove the insoles and replace them. You can purchase them, very inexpensively, at any drugstore.

When purchasing children's consignment toys, look for toys that have all the pieces. You may need to put the toys together, and attempt to play with them, while you are still at the consignment store. Toys without all the pieces are generally useless.


Toys that are made from hard plastic and metal are easiest to clean. They can be wiped down and disinfected without much trouble. These toys are also less likely to fall apart with excessive usage. Bring batteries when shopping for consignment toys to verify that battery-operated toys work properly.

Avoid children's consignment toys that are made from fabric. These include stuffed animals, teething towels, fabric-covered dolls and cloth-covered rattles. These types of toys can harbor lice, germs, dander, dust mites and fleas. Even with regular cleaning, they can't be fully removed.

When looking for large children's consignment toys, such as jungle gyms, look for home based daycare centers that may be shutting down. These are usually advertised in the newspaper, or on the craigslist website. The price may be greatly reduced for quick sale.

After purchasing children's consignment clothes, wash them before they are worn. This will prevent the spread of lice or dander that may be on the clothes. Wash in the warmest water recommended for the fabric and an ultra-strength detergent. If possible, use bleach.

Children's consignment toys should be soaked in bleach and water before allowing the children to play with them. If the toys are electronic, wipe down with a cloth and bleach water. Allow to air dry overnight.


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