What Should I Know About Auto Windshield Replacement?

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When a car windshield becomes cracked or damaged in some manner, it is a good idea to make plans for windshield repair or replacement immediately. While in some cases it is possible to repair auto glass safely, auto windshield replacement is required if the damage to the safety glass is severe. As you look for the right shop to handle the replacement, here are a few tips to keep in mind.

When auto windshield replacement is necessary, check the provisions of your auto insurance coverage. There is a good chance that the policy will either pay for the replacement entirely, or at least cover the expense less a fixed deductible. This will give you an idea of the out of pocket expense that you will have to absorb.

You may also find that your auto club membership entitles you to a discount on auto windshield replacement. Check your benefits package to determine if this is the case. Should you find several automobile glass repair shops listed for your area, obtain quotes from each of them first. This is especially important if you must absorb the majority of the replacement costs out of your own pocket.


Keep in mind that as a consumer, you have the right to ask questions about the type of safety glass used in the auto windshield replacement, as well as the adhesive that is used to hold the windshield in place. Ideally, you want the new vehicle windshield to be at least of the same quality as the older one. To help ensure this is the case, make sure any windshield auto repair service you consider will use what is known as OEM or original equipment manufacturer components for the replacement job.

Reputable shops will also not hesitate to offer a warranty on the auto windshield replacement at no charge. Make sure you read the terms of the warranty carefully. Ideally, you want the warranty to provide nationwide coverage, especially if you travel from time to time. You also want the basic terms of the warranty to cover you for at least a year or two against cracks, leaks or other problems that could result from a faulty installation. If the basic warranty is good, then there will be no need to pay for an extended warranty.

Before you turn your vehicle in for the auto windshield replacement, make sure to gather references on each shop under consideration. Go with the shop that is known to get the job done quickly, properly, will work with your insurance company, and provides a decent warranty for their work. Taking these precautions will enhance the chances of obtaining a quality auto windshield replacement that will hold up well for many years.


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Replacing the glass on your car is not only an easy process, but it can actually be quite affordable.

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When I got a huge crack in my windshield, I called my insurance company and they recommended a repair service for me. The cost of replacement was less than my deductible, they came to my house to fix it, and it was done very, very quickly. I was surprised by how easy the experience was.

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