What Should I Include on a Receptionist Resume?

Patti Kate

When creating a receptionist resume, it's important to list relevant work experience and related work activities, such as screening phone calls, appointment setting or word processing duties. Qualifications that are relevant to receptionist work, such as customer service experience, aptitude for clerical procedure, attention to detail and communication skills should also be listed. List your career objectives, such as applying your computer software knowledge to your receptionist work, or using your people skills to build strong client relationships. Include all areas of expertise and specify your sub-specialty, such as dental receptionist work or law firm receptionist skills.

Including professional references on a resume may be appropriate in certain situations.
Including professional references on a resume may be appropriate in certain situations.

When compiling a list of your prior work experience related to the receptionist field, include a sub-category that includes your responsibilities. A few examples are verbal and telephone communication, or computer word processing duties. On your receptionist resume, it's also advisable to write a brief summary of your career objectives. This may include your desire to utilize your office skills to full potential, including your proficiency in computer programs. In many cases, a receptionist resume that defines a person's aptitude for computer technology may be quite valuable to a company.

Good communication skills are important for receptionists.
Good communication skills are important for receptionists.

If you enjoy working with the public, a career objective might also include delivering exceptional customer service and helping to establish strong client relationships. Emphasize your desire to use your communication skills, including telephone etiquette and putting forth a professional presentation. Assuming you have administration experience, your statement might also express a desire to use your skills to promote growth within the company.

After you include your work history section relevant to the position you are applying for, you should list your areas of strength and qualifications. If you're skilled at multi-tasking, word processing and data entry, include these on your receptionist resume as well. In addition, list other languages you speak fluently, such as Spanish, which may be helpful in your receptionist work. Any type of office specialist certification you've obtained should be listed separately in bold print. Additionally, if you have training or credits for special courses in communication or customer service, these are strong points to list on a receptionist resume.

Your area of expertise or specialty as a dental, law or bank receptionist should be placed in a separate section. State that you are familiar with terminology relating to your particular specialty. For instance, if you are applying for a job as a law office receptionist, state that you are familiar with law terminology. Adding these qualifications on your receptionist resume may help emphasize why you are an excellent candidate for the position you seek.

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