What Should I Include on a Firefighter Resume?

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The contents of your firefighter resume will vary depending on your education and past experience. The best resume will highlight your most important and relevant qualifications for the job to which you are applying, so it is often best to think of your firefighter resume as a living document that will change depending on the job you want. If you are a new firefighter, you may not have too many qualifications to list, so your education and training, as well as any past work experience, will probably be the most relevant and important information on the document.

More experienced firefighters will want to include the years of service, special training, awards, and recognition that he or she has earned over the years. The firefighter resume will include more information, but it is important to remember that you should limit your resume to one or two pages. Beyond that, the information becomes too muddled and overwhelming for a potential employer to comb through. There are several ways to prioritize the information: for young firefighters just cracking the industry, it is sometimes best to organize the firefighter resume chronologically; more experienced firefighters, however, should try to prioritize the resume information by posting the most relevant training and experience first.


If you are a young firefighter who has little or no fire experience, don't be afraid to list other jobs you have had on the resume. While these jobs may not relate directly to the job for which you are applying, it is always good to show potential employers that you have developed a solid work ethic and know what it's like to work in a structured work environment. Your firefighter resume should certainly show volunteer positions you have held as well, especially if they relate to firefighting, medical services, or even military experience.

Make sure you list all relevant certifications and licenses you hold. Employers will look for candidates who have passed the appropriate examinations and have taken part in various types of training, such as first aid training, CPR, advanced emergency medical training, and all relevant fire training. If you have a commercial driver's license (CDL), be sure to list this as well, in addition to any training you may have that focuses on heavy equipment operation. Some people list references directly on the resume, though this may not be necessary. Employers will generally ask for references directly.


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