What Should I Include on a Contract Administrator Resume?

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Negotiating contracts is a complex job involving many factors, especially when contracts must include more complicated structures. A contract administrator resume should emphasize your ability to meet the complex demands of contract negotiation while maintaining a simple, elegant and commanding format. Overall, a contract administrator resume should probably contain basic information, skills relevant to the job being sought, and prior experience, especially prior experience similar to the job in question.

Basic information should probably be established first, including your name and contact information. Include some strong references at the bottom of the document. You also might want to include an objective, labeled as such, that states your ability to engage directly in the job in question. It might help to determine the most important aspects of the particular job and cater the objective to these.

The skills section of the resume should emphasize the abilities necessary to carry out contract negotiations, including understanding contract terms and conditions and knowing how to avoid those terms that could undermine the process. Determining the most important skills being sought might help determine which skills to include high on the list. If the job requires juggling multiple projects, for instance, the skills section should probably mention successfully managing multiple projects. Similarly, if a job requires strong interpersonal skills, then interpersonal skills should probably have a high place on the list.


It can also be important to emphasize written and oral communications skills on a contract administrator resume. The hiring organization will probably want to know whether you can communicate complex ideas in a simple way that can be understood by everyone involved. Possibly the best way to convince a potential employer of your strong communication skills would be through proven experience communicating and facilitating contract negotiations. Along with noting relative past experience, a contract administrator resume should emphasize your ability to approach and work with the people negotiating the contract. Having a resume that successfully demonstrates your written communications skills also wouldn't hurt.

In the section of the contract administrator resume related to past experience, be sure to emphasize past experiences similar to the job being offered. Most contract administration jobs will probably include some level of interpersonal communication, for instance. Possibly the best way to gain interpersonal skills, especially those required to carry out and sustain complex contracts, is through experience. Potential employers will probably want to see a contract administrator resume that includes experience that translate into qualifications for the job being offered, along with basic traits such as being self-motivated, committed and hard-working.


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