What Should I Include in a Delivery Service Business Plan?

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Your delivery service business plan should include the company's mission or purpose, what its exact delivery services will be, who its prospective customers are and its main goals for at least the first three years of business as well as how they'll be achieved. Each of these components should be organized into separate sections of the business plan. An executive summary, which summarizes and brings together the main points from each component of your delivery service business plan, should appear at the beginning, yet be written last.

By writing the introductory executive summary after you've done your research and created your vision into a workable plan, you'll have much more detail with which to extract the key points. Remember that it's a summary consisting of the more important parts of each section of the plan so it should be quite brief in length. One paragraph for the executive summary should be plenty on your delivery service business plan. It's crucial to be concise yet thorough, so it may take you a few drafts to get this element of your business plan just right.


The mission part of the plan should outline the main operating purpose of your company, such as what types of delivery it will provide and in what way or method in which geographic areas. If you have the logo and tagline statement for your company, also include that in this section of your delivery service business plan along with your firm's full name. Under the services section, you should go into detail about the exact specifics of your delivery offerings to potential customers. The vehicles you'll require should be listed in your delivery service business plan.

Under customers or clientele, your target market should be described in terms of whether they are residential or commercial and in what geographical areas you'll extend your services to meet their needs. You could also mention how you will acquire new customers. Promotional or communication plans you have in which to appeal to your target market could also appear in this section of your delivery service business plan.

Your "goals for the first three years of business" area should briefly discuss each one of your main objectives. The amount of profit you expect to make and have forecast should be specified for each year of operation. If you want to include a bar chart or graph in this part of your delivery service business plan, this may be a good idea. When it's complete, your business plan can serve as a main guide or blueprint for running your delivery company.


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