What Should I Expect from Dressmaking School?

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People who attend dressmaking school learn a skill that will help them to create their own clothes. Dressmaking classes are worth the investment if people are interested in opening a tailoring shop or fashion design business. Techniques learned at a dressmaking school are always in demand and can help a person improve a design hobby.

After signing up for dressmaking school, students have to get a basic sewing kit for the class. A beginner’s sewing kit has all of the essential notions, such as a needle, thread and measuring tape. Other items include marking pencils, fabric scissors and a variety of pins. Some schools provide sewing machines and kits for individuals to work with, while other instructors insist students bring their own sewing equipment.

One of the first things a student learns in dressmaking school is how to use a sewing machine. Even though there are different brands of sewing machines, the majority of them work the same way. The student has to get familiar with the machine parts in order to know how to thread the machine, insert zippers and create stitches.

There are several different types of fabric ranging from firm knits to cotton broadcloth. The sewing instructor at the dressmaking school will help the student to identify what kind of fabric is suitable for the design. The student will also learn to place the fabric according to the grain and to feed the fabric through the machine.


In dressmaking school, the teacher will show the students how to read dressmaking patterns. The students will have to cut the patterns out and put the pieces together. In addition to learning how to read the patterns, students have to determine the amount of material to use and how to take correct measurements. Some people use dressmaking dummies while pinning the fabric to the pattern, but this can also be done by just laying the pattern flat on a table and pinning it.

One of the main reasons people go to dressmaking school is to learn how to design clothes. Students use the sewing skills they have learned throughout the class to make their own unique outfits. Class members sketch patterns, pick the desired fabric and cut out the pattern. The final step in dressmaking school is to sew the fabric together to complete the project adding their own special flair. For fun, most teachers allow the students to have their own fashion show and wear the original designs they made in class.


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