What Should I Expect from Aerobics Classes?

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Aerobics classes can be a great way to lose weight, get in shape, and to become more motivated by the energy of a group class. Most aerobics classes are fairly similar, depending of course on the type of aerobics being offered. Many fitness centers also allow members to try out a number of different classes before signing up for one, which can be a great way to learn what to expect from a class before making a commitment.

There are many different types of aerobics classes to try. A "standard" aerobics class might simply feature a series of moves such as steps, sidesteps, and jumping jacks, among others, and may require the use of an aerobics step. The step will typically be provided by the fitness center; it will not be necessary to bring your own. This is one of the more common types of group aerobics.

In addition to this type of aerobics class, others such as water aerobics, low impact aerobics, dance aerobics, or kickboxing aerobics are also quite popular. In water aerobics, the class takes place in a pool, and participants get their heart rate up and build their strength by using the resistance of the water. This type of aerobics, along with low impact aerobics, is great for people who are recovering from an injury, or who are just getting into exercising.


Aerobics classes that combine aerobics with another activity, such as dance or kickboxing, can be a fun and interesting way to exercise. These classes are typically more challenging, and are intended for people who are in better physical shape. These are often very high energy classes as well. These are just a few of the aerobics classes options available; check at your local gym for options. Another option is to rent or purchase a DVD in order to exercise in the privacy of your own home.

Most aerobics classes will be structured very similarly, with a warm up period of a few minutes, followed by the aerobics period where the heart rate is elevated for 20 to 30 minutes, which is then followed by a cool down period. It is important to gently stretch the muscles during the cool down period to prevent tightness and injury. Most aerobics classes do not feature a break, but it is important to stay hydrated throughout the class, and to stop and rest if you feel dizzy or lightheaded at any point.


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@rundocuri- I have taken both an aerobics class and a yoga class, and I loved both of them. Not only was I able to focus on my goals with the other participants in the classes, but working out as a group actually gave me more motivation to work towards my exercise goals. Being with others also gave me confidence as we worked together to motivate and encourage each other. My advice to you is to go for it and sign up for an aerobics class. I think you will be very pleased with it and the people that take it along with you.

Post 1

I am thinking about taking an aerobics class, but am concerned that exercising with others may break my concentration on the goals I'm trying to accomplish. Does anyone have experience in this type of class, and if so, is it rewarding and beneficial when it comes to exercise goals?

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