What Should I Expect During Sex After a Vasectomy?

Most promoters of vasectomies claim that sex after a vasectomy is no different than sex before the operation. Ideally, the only sexual function affected is fertility, not erections or sex drive. Sex can often begin as soon as a week after the surgery, although many people choose to wait longer due to lingering discomfort. In the long term, the experience is often completely the same as sex before a vasectomy, but for some men it can be very different, and each case is unique. When complications occur, it can take a long time before sex returns to normal, and for some men, recovery is not possible.

Usually, sex before and after a vasectomy is basically the same. Some bruising and pain may be present immediately after the surgery, so it is a good idea to abstain from sexual intercourse until the direct effects of the surgery have passed. Often, sex immediately after a vasectomy is accompanied by soreness, which may be more pronounced during intercourse.

In cases where there are complications, such as in instances of post-vasectomy pain syndrome, sex can be extremely painful. Some men find that symptoms of this disorder become less severe over time, but others find that the pain or discomfort never fully goes away. Pain due to post-vasectomy pain syndrome can be constant, or it may be specific to sexual functions or physical activity. If pain occurs after a vasectomy outside the healing period, it is a good idea to contact a medical professional.

Sex after a vasectomy can also be different psychologically, because many people feel freed from worries of pregnancy. With less stress attached to sex, people can feel more enthusiastic about the act. Partners of men who have had vasectomies often feel aroused by the commitment the man has made to the relationship, which can lead to a more active sex life. On the other hand, some studies report that men may experience a slightly decreased sex drive.

The most important thing to understand about having intercourse after a vasectomy is that the area needs time to heal. As such, it is very important to follow the medical professional's instructions, even if a man feels ready to have sex or is aroused. Many men wish to immediately engage in intercourse just to make sure everything still works, but this is not a good idea. Moreover, sterility is not immediate following a vasectomy, so using birth control for a few weeks is still important.

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I feel great after the surgery. I would tell many guys who want it. I'm 35 and no children. I'm really happy with the decision that I went forward with it.

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What should I expect during sex after a vasectomy? Well let’s see. I can describe it in several ways: pain, pain, pain, pain, mixed with the slightest does of pleasure that lasts maybe 10 seconds, then back to pain and more pain due to the vas being tied off. I am one of the unfortunate ones who is in constant pain due to a vasectomy.

I am rarely interested in sex unless my wife begs me for it (double whammy). I should have gone out and bought a lottery ticket the day I got my vasectomy because I am lucky enough to be the one in 1,000 that get to experience the joy of post vasectomy pain syndrome.

It has

been 12 months since the operation and I am still in pain. At this point, I will have to undergo another operation to see if I can alleviate the pain (vasovasectomy, denervation). Neither one is 100 percent successful and they both carry their own set of risks. Let's see, am I feeling lucky?

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