What Should I do to Maintain a Bicycle?

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In order to get the most out of your bike, it is important to perform regular maintenance. There are actually a number of small tasks that will make the process very easy to do. Here are some tips on how to maintain a bicycle, so the bicycle is always ready to roll.

To effectively maintain a bicycle, there is a need to check on a few basics regularly. Before riding the bike on any given day, take a moment to check the air pressure in the tires. Riding on tires that are not fully inflated will lead to extra wear on both the tires and the rims. Another daily action item is to check the condition of the brakes. If the bicycle is equipped with visible brake pads, make sure they are not worn down. Also, squeeze the brake controls on the handlebars to make sure the pads are connecting properly with the rims.


A quick weekly check is also important if the owner wishes to maintain a bicycle properly. Make sure the moving parts on the bike are free of dirt and debris. Also, a drop or two of a lubricant, such as bike oil, on the moving parts of the bike will help to cut down on wear from friction. Take care to not allow oil to get on the rims or the brake pads. Oil spots would prevent contact between the pads and rims from resulting in a stop. If you do get any oil on the pads or rims, wipe them down with a clean, absorbent cloth,

A bike tune-up on a monthly or bi-monthly basis will top off your program to maintain a bicycle. When conducting a bicycle tune-up, you will need to compile a checklist, so that all the essentials are addressed. Include such action items as checking the tires for splits and bald spots, that the rims are not bent, and that the wheel spokes are tight. Address all nuts and quick-release levers to make sure nothing is loose. This includes checking the nuts for the handlebars, the handle bar stem, axles, pedals, and the cranks. Check all cables on the bike, looking for signs of wear. Lastly, make sure the seat is secure, and at the proper height.

Bicycles are an excellent source of exercise and recreation. Increasingly, people are using bikes as a means of conveyance to and from work as well. Making a commitment to maintain a bicycle will help to ensure that the bicycle will provide excellent performance under any amount of use.


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Post 3

Bicycle maintenance is everything. You can buy a cheap, discount bicycle and if you take care of it properly it can last as long as a high end model. You can even slowly swap parts out as you have the money so that slowly your cheap bike becomes something more substantial.

Post 2

One thing that people often forget to do when taking care of their bikes is washing them. They assume that the bike gets washed in the rain. But taking an abrasive brush and some soapy water to your bike on a regular basis will not only improve its appearance, it will keep the bike in good running order for longer.

Post 1

One of the simplest and most important things you can do to maintain your bicycle is to store it inside. The elements are very hard on a bike and one winter in the cold or summer in the sun can having lasting effects on your bike.

If you cannot store it inside at least try to store it someplace where it will not get rained on.

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