What Should I do on my Vacation to Idaho?

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If you are planning a vacation to Idaho, the first thing that you should know is that there is a lot more to the state than just potatoes. Although there are a number of things to enjoy in Idaho year-round, it is best to vacation in the state during the winter. Winter sports are very popular in Idaho. The snowy slopes attract skiers and snow boarders from all over the world.

In fact, Idaho is home to one of the tallest chairlifts in the world. On your winter trip to Idaho, you can enjoy a gorgeous ride on the Great Escape Chairlift. This lift takes riders to the top of Schweitzer’s summer, which is almost 6,500 feet (1,981.2 meters) in elevation. Not only is this a wonderful ride, but the view from the Schweitzer’s summit is absolutely incredible. Visitors can see all the way to British Columbia on a clear day. Of course, the ride up the mountain is only half the fun. After enjoying the lift and the view, you get to ski or snow board down!


Idaho is a wonderful vacation spot for people who love to snowmobile. If, however, you are not an expert on the back woods in the winter, it is best to enlist a guide to guide your backwoods snowmobile rides. The intensely cold temperatures in the Idaho woods can create serious problems for anyone who loses the trail. If you are interested in snowmobiling in Idaho, you may want to consider contacting Selkirk Powder Co. which offers guided tours.

You will surely need to balance your outdoor activities with some relaxing time indoors. You can warm up at the Chimney Rock Grill, which is known for great culinary dinners. Dinner for two people at the restaurant costs about $60 US Dollars (USD). The restaurant is famous for its Christmas Dinner. For the shopper, there are a number of lovely boutiques in Idaho. The town of Sandpoint is generally regarded as having the best shopping in the state. In fact, the famous Coldwater Creek catalog is based in Sandpoint.

Depending on your budget, there are numerous lodging options in the state of Idaho. You can spend as little as $20 USD per night at a simple motel. If you are interested in staying in luxurious quarters, however, you can spend thousands of dollars a night on top-notch facilities. No matter what your budget is, however, you are sure to fall in love with the crisp air and stunning vistas of Idaho.


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Post 3

There are some lovely things to do and see in Idaho during the summer months as well. They have some really good whitewater rivers and a well established tourism industry surrounding that which caters to all levels.

There's also some good fishing lakes and other things like horse riding and golf.

But the natural attractions are what really do it for me. There are a bunch of national parks and things to see like the balancing rock, or the enormous forests and canyons.

There's also an area near some dunes where they've set up an observatory so you can see the stars without any light pollution. I've heard that's really worth having a look.

Post 2

@pleonasm - Unless your friend is an expert it's a good idea to always go with a professional tour guide in unfamiliar country, particularly for longer trips. It's all too easy to get lost or injured on the trail, and I assume if he's there on a business trip he won't have anyone to go with him.

If you are planning a trip into the backcountry of anywhere, you should make sure to contact the local rangers and find out any safety concerns. And listen to what they have to say. If they say, don't go here, or this trail is only for experts, don't assume they mean everyone except you.

There are too many people who overestimate their abilities each year and end up in trouble. It wastes the rescuers' time and you could also end up dead.

Post 1

I know that one of my friends was very interested in going cross country skiing in Idaho. Actually I'm not sure if he was planning on using skis or snowshoes.

He used snowshoes in Canada and was really taken by the experience, so I know he wanted to do that again. But I also know that cross country skiing can be a faster way to travel depending on the terrain, and that it is quite a popular sport in the state.

He was there for business, but wanted to get in some time outdoors as well, so I think he was planning to have a tour, rather than try to organize something by himself in such limited time. I'll have to ask him how it went. It looks like beautiful countryside to wander through, no matter how you manage to do it.

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