What Should I do on my Vacation to Colorado?

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Are you planning on spending some vacation time in Colorado? If so, there are lots of ways for you to enjoy yourself on your trip. Colorado is home to the real McCoy, as in McCoy Park, which is home to an amazing snowshoeing and cross-country skiing center. If you have never skied before, don’t worry. There are lots of quick study courses that you can take to get on the slopes in no time. For the ultimate in luxury lodging, check in at one of the Vail resorts. Skiing is one of the best ways to experience the Colorado outdoors.

If you are interested in experiencing something completely unique while you are in Colorado, look into llama trekking. There are a few different Colorado companies that offer llama excursions. Although these trips are often referred to as lama “rides”, the only thing that will be riding on the lamas is your backpack and canteen. You hike along side the woolly creatures. The upside is that you don’t have to manage your luggage. Most trips take at least several days. At night, hikers sleep in one of the many huts in the 300 square mile area that transverses Aspen, Leadville, and Vail.


If you are not interested in spending time with llamas, or have an unusual fear of hoofed creatures, then simply take a hike. You can go on your own or in a guided group. If you are a serious hiker, you will certainly fall in love with Colorado. There are 54 peaks in the state of Colorado that are known as “fourteeners.” They have been given this name because they are 14,000 feet (4267 m) and higher. On such long hikes, llama pals can be very helpful.

However, if you are interested in something a bit less rigorous, there are plenty of shorter hikes that can be completed in an afternoon. It is important, no matter how long you plan to hike, to allow yourself to acclimate to the altitude first. Climbing a mountain with altitude sickness can be an unpleasant and dangerous experience. Once you are ready for your hike and feeling well, however, you might just fall in love with the mountain air and the sounds of the Colorado forest.

Whether your Colorado vacation is set for the spring, summer, fall or winter, there are a number of wonderful activities to take part in. There is something for everyone in Colorado. You can choose from great indoor and outdoor recreation and entertainment options. The best way to experience Colorado, however, is to experience a combination of everything that it has to offer.


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