What Should I do in Slovenia?

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Slovenia is a beautiful small country located in Central Europe, bordered by Italy, Austria, Croatia, and Hungary. Until gaining independence in 1991, the country was a part of Yugoslavia. Recently, it became a part of the European Union, and is quickly becoming a major tourist destination for travelers in Europe.

There are many activities for tourists to do in Slovenia. Though the country is small, its regions are very diverse, featuring lakes, mountains, and forests, and partially bordered by the Mediterranean Sea. These geographical features make skiing, swimming, boating, camping natural activities to do in Slovenia.

One of the best places to find activities to do in Slovenia is the country's capital, Ljubljana. Here, you will find a beautiful historic city with cobblestone streets and beautiful statues throughout the town center. One of the more interesting things to do in Slovenia is to take a guided tour of this history-filled city, where you can learn about its past and its architecture. Ljubljana is also home to many of Slovenia's best restaurants, where you can find meals featuring game meats such as wild boar or venison at a fraction of the price you would pay in the United States or Western Europe.


Another great activity to do in Slovenia is to visit the Soca River, where you can take part in kayaking, canoeing, and even whitewater rafting. The beautiful Lake Bled is also a great place for activities to do in Slovenia. It was the site of an international rowing championship, and its peaceful waters are wonderful for all types of boating. Along the coast, you can also take part in more adventurous activities, such as windsurfing, water skiing, and parasailing.

One of the many other things to do in Slovenia is to visit one of the country's wellness spas or health resorts. These centers help to center the mind and body, using procedures like Reiki, aromatherapy, and a range of massage treatments. Activities such as hiking through the Slovenian Alps and forests are also wonderful things for visitors to do in Slovenia. If you're not the outdoors type, though, you can always visit one of the country's casinos and gamble.


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Post 4

I'm planning a five day trip to Ljubljana in Spring. I've heard good things about the Ljubljana tour on various forums. I heard that it takes people all around the city and even includes a ride on the river.

Has anyone been on this tour, do you recommend it?

I'm also a big fan of soccer, so I'm wondering if it would be possible for me to catch a 'football' match while I'm there? Where are football matches in Slovenia generally held and where can I get tickets?

Post 3

@milagros-- Yea, Slovenia does have a beautiful nature. That's why I loved camping and hiking there. The alpines especially were breathtaking, but I think every town and city in Slovenia is worth a visit.

One of my favorite towns in Slovenia was Kobarid. We spent about two days there, just visiting the museum and trying different restaurants. The war museum at Kobarid was surprisingly very interesting and fun. I learned a lot about Slovenia's experiences during WWI there, it's definitely worth a visit.

I was looking more for adventure in Slovenia and I definitely found that hiking in the mountains and visiting the Skocjan Caves. But there are other types of activities available. Oh, and the people are great, really friendly and fun.

Post 2

A friend of mine has been to Slovenia and he recommended the wellness spa centers there as well. I think he had found an online deal for a three day, four night stay at one of these centers last year. He went with his wife and apparently they had a really nice, relaxing time.

He told me that the Center was on the Mediterranean coast, but the weather was too cool to swim. So they spent most of the time at the thermal pools and the mud baths. When they came back, they looked great!

Since Slovenia is a new addition to the EU and the prices are less than it is in Europe, I think it's probably one of the best places to go for a week or weekend of relaxation. I'm checking out plane tickets now, hopefully I'll spend the holidays in Slovenia!

Post 1

For a small country, Slovenia is blessed with beautiful nature. Splendid mountains, alpine meadows, and deep blue lakes are all part of Slovenia.

Slovenia has underground caves, such as Postojna cave, really worth visiting. Excellent skiing, and numerous health resorts are all part of this little country in Europe.

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