What Should I do if Charged with Harassment?

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Being charged with harassment is serious and is definitely an issue that you should not neglect. Immediately terminate all unnecessary contact with your accuser. If you work with the individual, make sure that any interaction between the two of you is in the presence of witnesses. Do not have any conversations about the matter. Ask your superiors to end your working relationship with your accuser and seek legal advice from an attorney who has experience representing people charged with harassment.

The very first thing you need to do is to end all contact with your accuser. In the event that you are in a position of power over her, you need to be cautious when dealing with her. In a working environment, it may be awkward or impossible to completely avoid the individual. If you must have contact with her, make sure that there are always witnesses present. Do not allow yourself to be in any situation where you are alone with your accuser.

Furthermore, if you are charged with harassment by someone in an inferior position, you should avoid trying to cover the matter up or trying to intimidate him into retracting his allegations. Doing so is likely to create larger problems. Regardless of the ranks of you and your accuser, you should do everything possible to convince your superiors that there is an urgent need to sever the working relationship between the two of you.


You do not want to underestimate the seriousness of being charged with harassment. If the allegations against you are proved, there could be financial, criminal, and professional implications. For these reasons, it is imperative for you to consult with an attorney immediately. It is best to choose an attorney who specializes in harassment cases. If this is not an option, your second choice should be someone with substantial criminal defense experience.

Avoid discussing the matter with mutual acquaintances, such as co-workers or friends. You certainly want to avoid debating the matter with your accuser, even if witnesses are present and she initiates the conversation. She may be baiting you into strengthen her case. If, however, she makes any statements that suggest that she has falsely accused you, make a note of the witnesses who are present. Turn this information over to your attorney as soon as possible so that he can obtain statements from them.

Any other evidence that you have regarding this matter should also be given to your attorney. Do not attempt to conceal or destroy items that you fear may damage your case. If you believe that this type of evidence exists, you should bring it to his knowledge, even if the items are not in your possession.


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