What Should I Consider When Renting a Party Tent?

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Party tents are wonderful additions to many different types of outdoor events. The tents can be used for backyard weddings, birthday parties or even to create fun theme parties for special occasions like retirement parties or an intimate anniversary party for two. Renting the right party tent involves considering the type of event that is planned, where the tent will be set up, and how much the rental will cost.

There are number of factors that go into choosing the right party tent for your event. Once of the first has to do with the size. If you are planning a large gathering, such as a family reunion, the tent will need to be large enough to reasonably accommodate the number of people in attendance. The same is true if you plan on holding a wedding ceremony or reception in the tent. Make sure the tent will leave plenty of room for seating, any food tables that may be needed in the area, and any decorations or other special elements that the party space may require.


For events where there is a need to run power to the party tent, you may want to go with a frame tent of some sort. This type of tent is essentially an easy to assemble frame that supports walls and a ceiling made of canvas. The frame can be ideal when you need to run temporary lines for overhead lighting, or a line to keep warmers on a buffet table functioning properly. A tent of this type will work much better than a canopy or similar device that has almost no frame at all.

Along with matching the right party tent to the type of event you have in mind, there is also the matter of determining where the tent will be set up. Ideally, you will want the tent to fit into that space neatly. For smaller areas, a patio tent may work very well. If the tent will be set up in an open grassy area, you may want to rent a tent design that comes with a canvas floor. Location is almost as important in renting the right kind of tent as knowing how many people will be at the event.

As with any party planning endeavor, there is a good chance you are working within a budget. This means you will want to focus on party tent options that are within the amount you can afford to spend for the rental. Once you know how large a tent you need and where the tent will be set up, it is relatively easy to contact local rental companies and determine who has the best prices.

Keep in mind that it is a good idea to ask what is included in the rental, as some services may include amenities such as free setup as well as complimentary removal at the end of the rental period. Other services may require you to pick up the tent yourself, handle the setup and tear down, and the return to the rental facility. Unless you are willing to do all the work yourself, spend a little extra and go with a party tent rental that includes services of this kind in the basic rental rate.


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