What Should I Consider When Installing a Home Security System?

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Installing a home security system on personal property is the first line of defense to keep a person’s family and personal possessions safe. Installation of a home security system can be costly if a professional company is hired. For those who are comfortable doing so, however, there are numerous do-it-yourself home security system installation kits available at most home improvement stores. Whether a homeowner chooses to hire a company to install a home security system or decides to tackle the job alone, there are several factors to take into consideration. First, the homeowner must determine which type of home security system is best suited to the home.

The size of the home has a major impact on the type of home security system to select. In addition, a home security system may have additional features, such as timers for both interior and exterior lights, perimeter sensors for doors and windows, and sirens or other alerting additions. A home security system may also include motion detectors, home security cameras, and strobe lights. Usually there is also a monitoring system attached, which immediately notifies the police in the event of a break-in.


The next step is to determine the locations of the home that are most vulnerable to burglary attacks. To do this, the homeowner should walk around the home and take note of areas that could be easily breached, such as doors and windows. If the homeowner is hiring a professional to install the home security system, he or she should be sure to pass this information on. For the do-it-yourselfer, it is important to pay particularly close attention to these areas when installing a home security system.

The price of a home security system can be as low as 100 to over 1,000 US dollars (USD). The least expensive security systems are generally gadgets used to monitor a doorway, such as a surveillance camera or other wireless system. A more expensive home security system may include keypads, a control panel, and motion detectors. With this type of home security system, a monthly fee may be required in order to have a home security specialist company monitor the system. Full home security system coverage, which covers every door and window in the home, can easily cost more than 1,000 USD.


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Post 2

@Slitherine - Your solution is sneaky, but it does work. Beware of the dog signs or ones that say this home protected by a doberman or rottweiler are helpful, too.

Another thing that works is installing motion sensors or timers on lights inside and outside of the house.

If a burglar sees a light, he's more likely to assume someone might be home.

However, be careful to time the lights to go off at normal times, like late at night. If the lights are on at weird times, a smart burglar may know it's a trick.

Post 1

With a little creative thinking, there are extremely inexpensive, do-it-yourself ways to make your property and house appear more secure and deter burglars.

For example, getting yard signs or window stickers that imply that the property is protected by a security system, whether it is or not, might be enough alone to scare some burglars away.

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