What Should I Consider When Hiring an Exterminator?

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When it comes to home ownership, there are few incidents more disturbing than discovering you have a pest infestation. Whether insect or rodent, invasive pests can wreak havoc on the construction of a home and interfere with daily living. In the event of invasion, a homeowner has little choice but to hire an exterminator.

Though many homeowners may attempt to tackle the problem themselves, more often than not, they find themselves bringing in a professional in the end. There are many benefits to hiring a professional even though the cost can sometimes be significant by comparison. A professional exterminator has the knowledge to rid your home of the problem immediately and to help you prevent a recurrence.

When you consider hiring an exterminator, you should be certain you are hiring a professional. A professional exterminator will inspect your home to identify and confirm the problem and then present you with your options. Not only should an exterminator be familiar with the critters in your home, but they should know their habits, the damage to look for, how to correct it, and how to prevent it in the future. They should also offer you a guarantee.


If any type of pesticide is recommended as treatment, you should be presented with a Material Safety Data (MSD) sheet. An MSD sheet tells you what is in a product and allows you to know what substances will be used in your home. If you are strongly opposed to the use of pesticides, consult with an exterminator about natural methods of control. However, be aware that some infestations cannot be controlled without the use of chemicals.

Make sure that your exterminator takes your entire household into consideration and provides you with any safety measures that should be taken. If you have pets, including fish, or small children in the house, you should discuss if and how the extermination process may affect them. Similarly, make sure your exterminator will take all necessary precautions with your carpet and furniture.

In the event that you are not experiencing an infestation, but rather are selling or buying a home that requires a termite inspection, you can ask your realtor for referrals. If you discover a problem, you can always contract with someone different to resolve it. If you decide to sign an annual contract with an exterminator for preventive measures, make sure they guarantee a return to your home for free if you discover problems in between treatments.

A professional exterminator will provide you with timely and effective service at a reasonable rate. Remember that if you are unhappy with one, there are plenty of others to choose from.


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