What Should I Consider When Getting a Manicure?

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For many women, a manicure is a luxurious treat. Having someone else take care of your nails is quick and inexpensive, but you still feel as if you're being pampered. While you may be looking forward to your thirty minutes at the nail salon, be sure to choose your venue wisely. If the manicure salon doesn't follow certain safety guidelines, you can end up with an infection.

Check the requirements for your state. In many cases, manicurists must be licensed by the state Board of Health or Department of Cosmetology, with licenses displayed at each manicure station. In addition, a representative from the Board of Health must make periodic visits to the manicure salon. A certificate from the Board of Health must be prominently displayed on the walls of your manicure salon stating that it has met all the proper guidelines. If you don't see a certificate, ask the manager where it is located. If the manicure salon hasn't been inspected by the Board of Health, it will be in your best interest to choose a different salon.


When choosing a manicure salon, you want to be sure the tools they use are disposable, disinfected or sterile. Nail clippers, nail files and cuticle tools should either be sterilized in an autoclave or sprayed with disinfectant between each customer. If your manicure salon doesn't use disposable, disinfected or sterile tools, find another, cleaner shop, or bring your own manicure tools. Many manicure salons will include the price of new manicure tools in the cost of your first visit. These tools will go in a file marked with your name and will be used every time you return. It is probably best if you bring your own nail polish as well.

The manicure salon should be clean and brightly lit. The floors should be swept and washed and the surfaces should be dusted and washed. In fact, the whole salon should look as close to sterile as possible. The manicure salon you choose should be popular. If there never seem to be any clients, you should ask yourself why.

Each manicurist should wear surgical gloves when administering a manicure. If she doesn't, she should wash her hands with anti-bacterial soap and spray them with disinfectant between each customer. Each manicurist should also make sure patrons wash their hands with antibacterial soap before receiving a manicure.

It may sound paranoid, but you can never be too safe. Most manicure salons follow all safety guidelines. The only thing left for you to do is relax and enjoy the pampering.


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