What Should I Consider When Decorating Bay Windows?

Sheri Cyprus

Bay windows are several windows that are angled to allow for a window seat or other piece of furniture to fit in the space created by the angles. Decorating bay windows is easier if you think about the look you want to create in the entire room. There are many different window coverings available to make these interesting windows look great!

The angle created by bay windows allows space for furniture like window seats.
The angle created by bay windows allows space for furniture like window seats.

One way to accentuate bay windows is to add plantation shutters to each window. This can look good with a window seat in fabric that co-ordinates well with the shutters. Another way of decorating bay windows to make them stand out is to paint the sills in a color that contrasts with the wall color.

There are many different window coverings for bay windows.
There are many different window coverings for bay windows.

If you'd rather have the bay windows blend in more with the rest of the room, you can paint the sills the same color as the wall color, or a shade lighter or darker. You could use sheer white curtains on each window. A top piece, or valance, that stretches across the length of all of the windows can help unify the grouping of windows.

Roman shades and cafe curtains are just some of the window treatments that can be used when decorating bay windows. Before deciding on what treatments to use, consider what you want to put in the angled space under your bay window.

Window seats are popular additions to bay windows. Some have hinged lids to allow for storage inside. A fabric-covered foam cushion on the top of the seat makes it a great place to curl up with a book and look out the window. Bay windows may be found in dining rooms, living rooms and bed rooms.

A collection can often be displayed nicely in curio cabinets or shelves placed under a bay window. If you're decorating bay windows in this way remember to have less detailed, simple window coverings. A chaise lounge near a bay window can look striking and glamorous if you are careful with the proportions and don't have the chaise sticking out too far.

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@empanadas - There are so many ideas for decorating a bay window other than drapes, a window seat, or blinds! They have paint that looks like stained glass and it's pretty versatile. Plus it doesn't harm the glass in anyway and you can peel it right off.

I love bay window seating, too, but some people just don't understand how to go about making that sort of thing since it really has to be a custom piece of furniture.


@turtlez - There are several different window treatments like drapes or blinds for bay windows, but I personally like the whole bay window seating idea. I feel like that's what they were created for and it's just wasted space if it's not used that way.


I think bay windows are beautiful, but I'm always at odds with window ideas. The basic curtains and cornice boxes (I think that's what they are?) are great and everything, but I am always looking for new things to try. Does anyone have any additions to make to the decorating ideas for bay windows found here?

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