What Should I Consider When Choosing a Nail Salon?

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Whether you just want to pop in for a quick manicure, or settle down for a spa-style pedicure, the nail salon you choose can make all the difference in how enjoyable the experience is. It seems like there is at least one nail salon in every strip mall of America, leaving women (and well groomed men) lots of choices when choosing a nail salon. Just keeping a few things in mind can help you find a nail salon that will give you a relaxing, safe experience.

If you’re new to an area, it doesn’t hurt to ask around for nail salon recommendations. You may just spot a great pedicure on a stranger at the supermarket who may have a favorite nail salon to recommend. Recommendations are always a terrific way to find out how friendly the nail technicians, as well as how good their work is.


Cleanliness is the most important factor to consider when choosing a nail salon. If proper sanitation techniques are not followed, you can contract a nasty bacterial or fungal infection from the nail salon. Observe the individual stations to see how clean they are, and if disposable tools are removed and thrown away, the station sanitized, and new clean tools set out. At your first visit, some nail salons will even give you your own set of tools to bring with you at every visit. Nail technicians should never share tools, but rather, keep their own set of tools at their station. Is the nail salon clean overall, including the waiting area and bathrooms? This will reflect on general cleanliness of the nail salon.

The majority of states require licenses for nail technicians. This means that they have received training in performing manicures and pedicures, as well as training in proper sanitation. The license should be displayed by their station, or somewhere prominent like the front desk.

The nail salon should offer a wide range of services, ranging from basic manicures and pedicures, to spa pedicures, paraffin treatments, acrylic nails, etc. In addition to a good selection, all of their services should be quoted upfront, or displayed. Price will most likely be a factor in selecting a nail salon as well. Be suspicious of prices that seem to low, as they may try to tack on a lot of extra services, resulting in a higher bill. Some nail salons will publish coupons in mailers and newspapers on a regular basis which may be helpful if you’re looking for discounts.

You may want to take a look at the equipment in the nail salon you’re considering. Many newer salons have flat screen TVs, tubeless tubs for pedicures, and massage chairs. All these bells and whistles may translate to higher prices, but also make for a better overall experience — making a run of the mill nail salon more spa-like.

How do you feel in the nail salon? Are the nail technicians friendly and welcoming? Do you have to wait too long before being acknowledged? The atmosphere and vibe of the nail salon should make you feel comfortable and fit with your personality.

There are too many nail salons out there to settle for one that doesn’t meet your standards. Shop around, compare prices and services, and don’t be afraid to try it out. You won’t really know how much you love the nail salon you’ve selected until you try out the product.


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Post 2

To answer Habura question about the use of razors on her heels while receiving a pedicure is, in most states in the USA it's now illegal to use one.

You may find that if you visit a higher end nail salon and tell them your problem and what had worked before, they maybe able to help you. It maybe that you just need your heels soaked longer, or have pedicures more often to help with the issue.

If you wear lotion at night with socks on, that will help keep your feet softer. The fact that your feet are so dry and that helps to cause callus build up.

Post 1

I used to find nail salons that used a tool with a razor on it to shave off the rough, dead skin on my heels. It doesn't seem like they offer this anymore. Maybe it's a safety issue? All I know is that the pumice stone just doesn't do the trick!

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