What Should I Consider When Buying Tractor Tires?

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When buying tractor tires, give thought to the type of use you'll put the tractor to. For average lawn-mowing use of a small tractor, purchase all-terrain tractor tires. This type of tire will not tear up the sod and will give good traction in soft areas. For a tractor which will see use in very wet and soft soil, often rice-style tractor tires are the best choice. This tire is very wide and has extra-tall lugs to provide flotation and traction in the soggy bottoms. For general all-around use, a medium lug, all-purpose tire will give the best all-around performance.

In an attempt to gain better traction and footing on uneven soil, many tractor tires use a liquid-filled tire tube to add weight to the tractor. These loaded tractor tires, as they are called, are filled with a chemical solution which resists freezing and remains pliable even in the coldest climates. The heavy tires often require the aid of a boom truck or a jack to mount them onto the tractor since they are too heavy to lift by hand. In an attempt to offset the weight and prevent sinking too far into soft soil, these tires are often run in a dual-tire configuration.


Dual tires are purchased and used to spread and displace the weight of the tractor out over a larger area. In doing so, the tractor is able to have excellent traction while not compacting the soil to the extent that plants cannot push up through it. When contemplating the purchase of dual tractor tires, it is often wise to use two skinny tires instead of two wide tires. This will allow the tires to sink in enough to provide adequate traction, whereas wider tires may simply float across the ground.

Some tractor tires are not tires at all. If the tractor is going to be operated in very soft soil, a track system can be purchased to replace the tires. In a track system of tractor propulsion, a rubber track is positioned around a complex gear drive system that bolts onto the tractor's wheel hub. As the hub rotates under power, the rubber track propels the tractor over the soft soil.

To determine the correct size and style of tractor tires to purchase, it is wise to talk to other tractor owners in the same area as the tractor will be used. Most good tractor supply stores can also be a source of helpful information. Also, tractor owners can note the markings on the original tire and purchase the same type of tire as is currently mounted on the tractor.


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