What Should I Consider When Buying Scissors?

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Many individuals find themselves buying scissors at some point in their lives, whether it is for a special project or to replace an existing pair. In some cases, specialized scissors may be needed, while for other projects generic scissors are perfectly acceptable. There are a number of options on the market depending on the intended use of the scissors, and it is important to consider them before buying scissors.

Whatever the intended use of the scissors is, take quality into account when buying scissors. The best scissors are of a solid construction which is designed to hold up well over the lifetime of the scissors. Some scissors are made from material which can be sharpened, which means that when the scissors dull they can be reworked rather than thrown away. Also remember to take your dominant hand into account when buying scissors;many scissors are specifically designed for left or right handed individuals.

If you are buying scissors for the kitchen, consider how they will be used. Kitchen scissors are often exposed to contaminants like raw meat and poultry, so it is important to get washable scissors which can be boiled or run through the dishwasher. Kitchen scissors should also be sharp so that they will not leave a ragged edge, and you should be able to sharpen them. Many kitchen scissors come in kits with kitchen shears, which are designed for heavier cutting jobs like cutting through bone.


For crafts projects, craft scissors may be a better choice. Craft scissors tend to be more lightweight, and they are designed to deal with construction paper, pipe cleaners, and other objects you work with when crafting. Specially designed sewing scissors should be used for sewing, because they are razor sharp so that they will not fray cloth and thread. When buying scissors for crafts and sewing, you may want to consider purchasing multiple pairs, so that you can designate one pair for fabric cutting.

A primary issue to think about when buying scissors is safety. While most adults can handle scissors safely, children should not be allowed to use large or sharp scissors. Safety scissors often incorporate blunted ends and a less sharp design so that they can be used by younger individuals. For projects when safety scissors are not sharp or strong enough, adults should do the cutting. If you have young children, make sure to keep dangerous scissors out of reach, or purchase a guard when buying scissors.

Some companies manufacture scissors designed for haircutting and cosmetic purposes. It is important to purchase haircutting scissors specially, because they are designed to be extremely sharp and ideal for haircutting. You will also want to make sure that you can sharpen haircutting scissors so that they will not damage hair. Cosmetic scissors often come in an array of sizes for various haircutting techniques, and you may want to purchase an assortment.

For general household use and many projects, consider buying scissors designed for generic use. These scissors are usually not as sharp as specialized scissors, and are rarely washable. Since these scissors may not be used as much, you can buy scissors which are cheaper. Keep these scissors in a handy location out of the reach of children for opening difficult packaging, trimming houseplants, and other miscellaneous applications.


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