What Should I Consider When Buying Nail Scissors?

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Of the many implements designed for nail care, nail scissors may not be the most essential tool, but they are useful for certain tasks. They are used for cutting excess cuticle from the base of the nail bed and also for trimming hangnails. Though nail clippers are more ergonomic for trimming the nails, nail scissors can be used for a quick trim.

Nail scissors typically have a curved edge rather than a straight one so they are the ideal shape for trimming the cuticle. When purchasing these tools, you will notice that the blades are shorter than the handles on most. Be sure that you purchase a pair that is stainless steel and look for a small screw where the blades intersect. The screw can be used to retighten the blades if they become loose.

You can purchase nail scissors in the health and beauty department of any drug store or mass merchandiser and they are fairly inexpensive. You can purchase them individually or in manicure kits. If purchasing a manicure kit, look for one that includes a stainless steel nail file as well. Stainless steel can be sanitized with rubbing alcohol after use where as wooden or paper emery boards can’t.


Though nail scissors can be a useful nail implement, used for cleaning under fingernails as well as trimming cuticles, you should only trim cuticles that have become excessively overgrown. Before trimming cuticles, be sure to massage hand lotion or cuticle oil into the base of your nails and gently push the cuticles back using a cuticle pusher. Use caution not to trim any of the folds of skin surrounding the nail bed when trimming as this can cause infection. Use the same caution when trimming hangnails.

You may want to consider carrying both your nail scissors and a small file in your purse or pocket for quick repairs. They are also useful for trimming loose threads on clothing and the occasional snipping of a flyaway hair. Avoid using your nail scissors to trim artificial nails, cut paper or to perform other tasks that they were not designed for, as this will cause them to become dull or break. Remember to periodically sanitize them to avoid potential infections and when you find they no longer cut, replace them with a new pair.


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Post 2

I have considered buying nail scissors but was wondering if it was really safe to trim your own cuticles?

I have heard that it is a good idea to just push them back a bit and use some oil to massage them. This keeps them from growing up to far and moist enough so they don’t hurt.

Apparently you can very easily injure yourself by trimming cuticles and that should be left up to the professionals.

If you do accidentally cut your cuticle too short and hurt yourself, what can you do to take care of the damage?

Post 1

I think when you are buying nail scissors you should spend enough to get a quality pair that is very sharp. A dull pair of nail scissors can badly damage your cuticle and rip the skin causing infections and a lot of pain.

When it comes time to clean your nail scissors buying some alcohol swabs and running them along the blade is a great option. Another possibility is using some spray disinfectant, the kind they use on cuts, to sanitize the blade.

If you don't want to use chemicals you can also boil the scissors in hot water to get rid of any residual germs.

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