What Should I Consider When Buying Kitchen Appliances?

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Will the many choices of kitchen appliances available, it may be difficult to determine which products are best for your needs. The first thing you should consider before purchasing any kitchen appliances is your space limitations. It is very important if you have a small space to measure correctly. It will be a big hassle for both you and the delivery service to find that the stove you ordered is two inches too big!

Kitchen appliances are available in many sizes. Even appliances that appear to be the same size can differ slightly. A kitchen appliance that is too small is just as frustrating as one that is too big. A large family will want to make sure that their refrigerator not only fits attractively and efficiently in their space, but also that it has enough storage capacity.

The size of kitchen appliances will also affect your electric and/or gas bills. If you are a small family or a single person, purchasing an appliance that is only as big as your needs require will help save on energy costs. Regardless of the size of your kitchen appliances, you may want to consider purchasing those that use less energy. Kitchen appliances that are energy efficient typically have some kind of label to indicate so.


Kitchen appliances differ widely in their aesthetic design. Consider whether you want to design your kitchen around the style of your appliances or vice versa. A wide variety of designer appliances can become the focal point of the kitchen. Neutrally designed kitchen appliances are often less expensive and may be ideal when you are only replacing one appliance.

Different models also differ in their features. For example, a refrigerator with side by side doors, adjustable shelves, an ice maker and an exterior water dispenser is one type of luxury kitchen appliance. There are a broad range of kitchen appliances to meet your personal preferences, so you may want to consider doing some 'window shopping'.

Before you purchase your kitchen appliances, you may also want to compare warranties between products. Considering that we do not live in a perfect world, new things sometimes break. Manufacturer warranties, as well as store warranties, may save you money and headaches in the long run.


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Post 3

@wander - When we moved into our new home, the kitchen was already equipped with stainless steel appliances. I was pretty excited about this because I also love the look of stainless steel and had never had them before.

This is just my opinion, but I have found them harder to keep clean than my old appliances. It seems like I am constantly wiping fingerprints off and no matter what I have tried, have a hard time keeping it clean without showing streaks. I have tried several different stainless steel cleaners and they all seem to work about the same.

The look is great, and I anticipate these will last for several years. When the time comes for me to purchase new appliances, I don't know if I will go with stainless steel again or not.

Post 2

I love the look of stainless steel appliances, but besides being aesthetically pleasing, are there any other benefits from purchasing them?

White and black appliances are often much cheaper than their stainless steel counterparts. Does anyone know if stainless steel lasts longer, or is easier to clean?

I would have to shell out thousands of extra dollars just for a look.

On that note, has anyone tried the decals available to decorate your refrigerator? I’ve seen some great styles and was wondering how well they hold up?

This could be a great alternative if stainless steel just turns out to be a purchase made for its looks.

Post 1

If you are looking to buy kitchen appliances you should consider getting energy efficient ones. While there are a lot of appliances on sale, they aren't necessarily a good deal when you consider how much additional power they use.

If you want to cut back on your hydro and water bills getting energy efficient appliances can save you hundreds of dollars over their life spans. With things like dish washers, the water savings can be tremendous.

I recommended everyone do their research and not automatically buy the cheapest appliance in the store when you look for a deal. Getting an appliance that is Energy Star certified can add up to bigger savings, for yourself and environment, in the long run.

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