What Should I Consider When Buying Headbands?

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Headbands are useful tools for an athlete, as they help keep sweat from running down from the head and into the eyes. Not only can this be a distraction, but it can also be painful to the eyes. When in the market for purchasing headbands, however, there are a few things you should consider in order to ensure that the headband you choose works effectively and keeps you comfortable.

Since headbands are used to keep perspiration out of your eyes, you should purchase only those that are capable of absorbing your sweat as it drips from your forehead and the top of your head. At the same time, your headbands should not hold in the sweat and become soaking wet from perspiration. Rather, they should be able to air out quickly and dry easily.

It is important for headbands to be able to dry out quickly, because this prevents your forehead from becoming chafed and also allows your skin to breathe freely from underneath the headband. Therefore, the best headbands are those made from a thick, woven, terry cloth material that is a combination of polyester and cotton. Essentially, your headbands should feel similar to a bathroom towel.


The width of the headband is also important. Headbands should not cover your entire forehead. At the same time, they should not be so thin that they dig into your skin or are unable to hold perspiration. Ideally, headbands should be about half of the height of your forehead. When wearing a headband, however, it should fit around the middle of your forehead.

Headbands should also be stretchable in order to fit snugly around your head. Headbands that are too tight will irritate your forehead, as they dig in or chafe while you are wearing them. Conversely, headbands that are too loose will fall out of place while you are engaged in activity.

Make sure the headbands you select fit in place snugly without causing pain. In addition, be sure the rubber strands inside the headbands are not worn out or overstretched. Otherwise, they will quickly lose their elasticity and become too loose.


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