What Should I Consider When Buying Glue for Craft Projects?

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One of the most important things to keep in mind when buying glue for craft projects is whether or not the glue will dry clear. Even if you wipe away excess glue after constructing crafts, some will likely show in nooks and crevices or around edges. Most projects will turn out much better if you use craft glue that dries clear.

When buying glue for craft projects, another important thing to consider is the type of material being used. There are specialty items you can look for when buying glue for craft projects, such as glue made especially for wood or fabric. Basic craft glue or “tacky” glue should work on most materials, but for best results try to find craft glue that is specially formulated for your materials of choice. Read the label to see which types of materials work best with the type of glue you intend to purchase.


If you are buying glue for craft projects such as decoupage crafts, you can purchase ready to use formulas or you can mix your own medium from plain white glue and water. Depending on the project, you may need to mix equal parts glue and water, or you may need to thin the mixture down a bit more by adding water a few drops at a time. Pre-mixed decoupage medium is available in many of the places that you will visit when buying glue for craft projects, from craft stores and fabric shops to discount centers and other retailers.

Another thought when buying glue for craft projects that utilize fabric is to make sure the fabric glue is washable. Not only will it be easier to remove excess glue, but you’ll also be able to wash finished projects as needed, such as accent pillows. It also works great for making three-dimensional designs on clothing or for creating decorative felt gift bags. The no-sew craft enthusiast will love washable fabric glue.

Another important consideration when buying glue for craft projects is making sure you purchase enough glue to complete your project. It’s no fun to get half way through a craft project only to realize you don’t have enough glue to finish it. Also, check the drying time on the label and choose craft glue that dries relatively quickly, so you don’t have to worry about waiting several hours to move on to the step of the project.


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I have gotten into creating window art with magic peel-off paint or sticker glue. All materials I have used have been from kits for kids or refills for these. Some of the glue is too thick to use easily for drawing outlines. How can I thin this glue without spoiling it?

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