What Should I Consider When Buying Glasses Online?

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Buying glasses online may sound like a great way to save money and trips to the eye doctor. While purchasing glasses over the internet can indeed save valuable cash, there are several factors to consider. A savvy buyer will need to have vital measurement and prescription information in order to purchase online, and must be sure that the dealer they use is a reputable provider.

Glasses are often expensive, with costs running over $500 US Dollars (USD) for some frames or special coatings. At prices that high, even customers with vision insurance may find this necessary item completely out of their budget. Online glasses, by contrast, can be several hundred dollars less, but beware of pricey add-ons such as scratch-coatings or glare reducing eyeglasses; these optional accessories can send even online prices skyrocketing.

To order glasses online, a customer will need an accurate prescription from an eye doctor. This may require an eye exam if eyesight has changed or if it has been several years since the last examination. Important information necessary to ordering glasses online includes a measurement of distance between pupils as well as basic prescription strength figures. Some websites offer do-it-yourself instructions on taking tricky measurements, but it is often easier to visit an eye doctor and get professional results.


Online catalogs will often show an example of a frame style and available features, but may not show all colors or patterns available. Determining whether a frame will look good can be frustrating without being able to examine or try on the glasses. Smart online customers may visit an eye doctor to find a frame they like, then search for that particular frame online. Many websites also offer easy return policies, so glasses can be returned and replaced if they do not fit properly or look right.

Check website reviews carefully before buying. Rather than just checking the customer comments section of the website, which can be doctored with positive comments made by the owners themselves, check forums and fraud alert sites for any potential problems with the online provider. While many sites that sell glasses online do try to get customers an honest deal, it is wise to protect credit card and personal information by being cautious.

Price and customer convenience are major factors in favor of buying glasses online, but it remains a tricky process. For customers who have a comfortable understanding of their prescription and the required measurements, buying glasses online can be easy as well as money-saving. If customer is very concerned with getting the proper fit or prescription and is uncomfortable purchasing products online, traditional buying may still be a better option.


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@ocelot60- I understand your point, but you could possibly save a lot of money buying your glasses online. If you ask your optometrist to give you precise measurements on your glasses, you should be able to eliminate the need for repeated adjustments to your new glasses. The money you save may be worth giving an online glasses purchase a try.

Post 1

I don't see how buying glasses online could possibly work. When I get new glasses, I usually return to my eye doctor at least 4 or 5 times to have them adjusted. I don't know how this would be possible with glasses purchased online. Even if you could send them back for adjustments, that would become very time consumer and costly. In my opinion, it is much easier to buys glasses the old-fashioned way- in person.

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