What Should I Consider When Buying Condoms?

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Condoms have been around for centuries. While the main function in years past was to prevent unwanted pregnancy, the reasons for buying condoms now include protecting individuals from contracting a sexually transmitted disease. In order to make sure the products you purchase provide adequate protection as well as enhance sexual pleasure, here are a few things you should keep in mind as you consider the wide range of condoms on the market today.

Perhaps one of the single most overlooked considerations has to do with the size of the condom. Unfortunately, many people assume there is only one size. While that was true in times past, that is no longer true today. Attempting to wear a condom that is too small can lead to a fair amount of discomfort while engaged in intimacy and is also at greater risk of breaking during use. By the same token, a condom that is too large is much more likely to slip off during use and thus expose both partners to the possibility of sharing STDs or causing an unplanned pregnancy. Many manufacturers provide information that will aid in buying condoms with a proper fit.


The choice of materials can make a big difference for both partners. If either partner has an allergic reaction to latex, any condoms made with this material should be avoided. Polyurethane products would be a better option, since this material does not tend to cause the problems that latex does for some people. If the main objective is to avoid an unplanned pregnancy, the use of natural lambskin is a good idea. However, be aware that lambskin sheaths do nothing to prevent the transmission of any type of virus or STD.

Lubrication is another issue that should be addressed in advance. Just as with the material, many lubricated condoms use agents containing spermicides that may trigger an allergic reaction. If that is the case for you or your partner, going with a non-lubricated condom is a better option. This makes it possible to find a lubricant that will not irritate either partner, while still providing the lubrication needed to generate pleasure.

Along with condoms designed for men, there is also a condom designed especially for women. The female condom is inserted into the vagina prior to intercourse. Most brands do not include lubricant, so it is necessary to add some type of lubrication before insertion so that both partners will be comfortable. However, this type of condom tends to create more noise than condoms constructed for males, and may not be conducive to romance. The female condom does offer excellent protection from STDs.

Above and beyond safety issues, there are plenty of pleasure condoms to choose from. There are brands that come in many colors, including some that glow in the dark. The vibrating condom adds a little extra sensation for both partners, while sensitive condoms provide strength and security without dulling the sensation of intercourse for the male. Ribbed models can also provide additional sensation for both partners.

In any event, choose condoms that will provide a high amount of protection from any type of sexually transmitted diseases. Make sure they are a good fit, and that the lubricant will not irritate either partner. Above and beyond that, have fun with the choices of color, taste, and sensation enhancing features. With so many options on the market today, there is a good chance you will find several that will provide a lot of pleasure while also helping you to remain healthy.


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