What Should I Consider When Buying an Ironing Board?

A Kaminsky

An ironing board is an indispensable item in most homes. It is necessary for keeping clothing neatly pressed. The humble ironing board has been around in various forms ever since flatirons came into being as a way of pressing wrinkles out of garments. The standard ironing board usually consists of a flat metal plate, narrowed at one end, with holes for ventilation, welded atop a telescoping stand that locks into place at various heights. The plate is generally covered with some kind of padding and a decorative cover made of heat-resistant fabric.

An iron.
An iron.

Other types of ironing boards are also available. The most popular ironing board for dorm students is the small, portable kind that sits on four legs on a countertop or desk. The only problem with this ironing board is that the front legs are so close to the end of the board that they can prevent one from placing clothing properly on the board. This is especially problematic when ironing sleeves or anything that needs to fit around the end of the ironing board.

The bottom of an iron.
The bottom of an iron.

Another kind of ironing board is mounted on a closet door or into a special panel. This ironing board is fastened at the top, anchored only on one end and drops down from the door. This option is a great space saver and good for apartments or smaller homes. The homeowner should consider what tools may be necessary to mount the ironing board, and whether he or she has the technical knowledge to do it.

A standard ironing board is available from almost any store that sells housewares, usually for about US$10-$15. Anyone wanting to purchase one should think about where it will be folded and stored, and if it is adjustable in height. If more than one person uses the ironing board, the height adjustment feature is a necessity. Portable ironing boards cost about the same as the standard kind, and the drop-down boards are more expensive, since they include mounting hardware. When buying an ironing board, a person should consider how often it will be needed, where it will be placed, how much space is available and price.

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Consider the size of the ironing board. The larger it is the easier it will be to iron. I also like to have a small ironing board handy for the smaller, or more difficult areas to iron.

Also an ironing board should be sturdy. It is really difficult to iron if the surface if wobbly.


Another factor to consider when buying an ironing board is the cover. Buy one that is scorch resistant and make sure that the cover is not too slick! It's very frustrating to iron a piece of clothing and having it slide off the ironing board while you're reaching for the iron.

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