What Should I Consider When Buying a Wood Stove?

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Once considered a necessary appliance in the home, wood stoves fell out of favor as more efficient means of preparing food and heating the home became common. In recent years, people have rediscovered the charm of the wood stove, as well as noting that the devices can be a great way to supplement existing heating systems. If you are in the market for a wood stove, here are some things to keep in mind.

Before you ever begin to consider any type of wood burning stove for your home, it is important to decide how you want to use the device. Will it primarily be for augmenting your existing heating system? Perhaps you want a fully working stove to use as a backup in the event the power and natural gas supply to your home is interrupted. Understanding how you envision using the device will allow you to focus on stoves that are built to perform all the function you believe may be necessary in the future.


A second consideration when buying a wood stove is the size of the unit. It is not unusual for people to purchase a smaller stove that fits neatly into an existing fireplace. This is especially common if the idea is to create a secondary source of heat for the home. Smaller stoves work very well in rooms that are cozier. However, if you plan on installing the stove in a larger room such as a great-room, you may want to go with one of the larger models on the market today.

There is also the issue of design and style when it comes to selecting the right wood stove for your home. You may prefer to go with a reproduction of the large cast iron stoves of years past. However, there are also contemporary designs that make use of other metals and are coated with a durable veneer that is available in many colors. For true authenticity, you may choose to stay away from reproductions or modern designs altogether and go with an antique wood stove that has been restored to perfect working order.

As with any major purchase, cost is often an issue. Make it a point to only consider wood burning stoves that are within an affordable price range. There are cost-efficient models that will fit into fireplaces as well as larger units that can easily heat a large room. Take your time as you compare different models and options. In most cases, the wood stove you choose will serve your home for many years, so make sure it is one that you can live with long-term.


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