What Should I Consider When Buying a Wall Calendar?

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A wall calendar can be especially useful to keep track of the month at a glance and can be used to organize multiple schedules. Wall calendars are available in an array of sizes and designs. Before buying a wall calendar, consider its intended purpose in your home and you will make a good purchase that can serve as an excellent organizational tool.

To make the most of a wall calendar, decide where you will hang it. In order to make the best use of a wall calendar, hang it in a central location where most of your household frequently traffics. The kitchen is the most frequently used room in most households, but a wall calendar also works well near a phone or main exit area. Determining where you will hang your wall calendar helps you decide what size and design you want.

Many wall calendars come with blank pages to allow the user to fill in the dates beginning with the first month they use it. If you prefer to have the dates already printed, be sure that’s what you are buying. Also pay attention to the format of the wall calendar. If you are planning to use it as an organizational tool, you will want to buy one with squares representing the days of the week large enough to accommodate writing, so that you can fill in scheduled appointments and other events as they come up.


In the case of multiple schedules, especially in households with children, a wall calendar is an excellent way to track all of the family’s activities. Consider color-coding each member of the household with corresponding markers or colored pencils and hanging them by a string or storing them in a plastic bag clipped to the calendar. This allows you to write in activities for each person and enables them to quickly find their scheduled events for the upcoming week. Some calendars are printed on decorative paper and others are printed in standard black and white. If you choose to hang a wall calendar that compliments your décor, you should have no problem finding something suitable, but avoid busy patterns that may make reading it difficult or dark paper that keeps pencil or ink from showing up well.

To hang a wall calendar, you can simply use finish nails through pre-cut holes at the top of the calendar, or you may choose to first permanently attach a cork board larger than the calendar so that you can hang the calendar with push pins. This is also an excellent way to keep related items organized. You can pin invitations, game schedules, or school information next to your wall calendar and pin string to hold writing utensils. Learning to utilize a wall calendar as an organizational tool simply takes a little getting used to. Once you learn to do it and teach other family members, it provides a central location for essential information pertaining to everyone’s schedule and helps make time management simpler.


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