What Should I Consider When Buying a Used Freezer?

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Just about everyone likes to purchase the best quality items at the most affordable prices. This is true with many household appliances, including a used freezer. In order to get the best deal, it is necessary to understand what you need, what you want, and how much you can reasonably afford to spend.

In terms of what you need in a used freezer, it is important to determine just how you plan on using the appliance and where it will fit into your living space. If your plan is to purchase items in bulk for long-term storage, then a chest freezer would be a good option. For people who don’t care for leaning into a freezer unit, you may also consider the idea of an upright freezer. Both units provide ample storage space for meats and other frozen foods.


In assessing your needs, don’t forget to determine how large a used freezer will fit into your space. For people living in an apartment, this may mean going with an under the counter unit or looking into a freezer refrigerator combination that fits into the kitchen space reserved for a refrigerator. Traditional combinations of this type are often constructed in what is known as a side by side unit. The freezer is located on the left side of the unit, while the refrigerator portion is on the right. Each section has its own door, making it possible to access the freezer without having to open the refrigerator compartment, and vice versa.

In addition to practicalities such as size, you also want to make sure that the used freezer is in excellent working condition. If possible, review any available paperwork so you know how old the unit actually is and what repairs have been made in the past. You may want to check the coils and motor for the unit as well to determine if they are still in good shape. Also make note of any leaks or signs of rust along the bottom of the unit. Don’t settle for simply sticking your hand into the freezer to see if it is cold. Make sure the components are functional and are likely to remain that way for a reasonable amount of time.

When it comes to your wants, these often focus on the overall design of the used freezer. You may prefer the look of an upright freezer to a traditional chest model. As long as you have the space for your preference, indulge yourself. You can also choose from many different colors today in addition to the traditional white of years past. This will help your unit blend in with the general décor of the area where the used freezer is placed.

As with many purchases, it is important to determine in advance how much you can afford for a used freezer. While you always want the appliance to be in good working condition, you also want to come as close to your wants and needs as possible within the limits of your budget. Avoid making a hasty decision because you may lose out on a good freezer that is a little out of your price range. There is always another used freezer out there that will be perfect for you and will be within your budget.


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