What Should I Consider When Buying a Travel Toddler Bed?

Tricia Christensen
Tricia Christensen

A travel toddler bed can be a terrific choice for toddlers too big for portacribs. If you travel often, perhaps to see family on the weekends, the travel toddler bed will provide comfortable sleep for your toddler. You should look for a few things when you purchase these beds, particularly if you plan to use them often.

Because small children will jump and play on it, buy as rugged a travel toddler bed as possible.
Because small children will jump and play on it, buy as rugged a travel toddler bed as possible.

You’ll want to consider a travel toddler bed that has an extensive warranty. Many of these beds are air inflatable, and kids jumping on beds, can easily destroy all but the most rugged. Look for beds that have lifetime warranties, or those that are guaranteed to hold up for the length of the time your child will be a toddler. Most types of travel toddler beds do have weight limitations, so the toddler is likely to get about two to three years of use out of the bed at most. An alternative is to buy a kid travel bed, which may accommodate kids into their teens and be comfortable for weights over 100 pounds (45.36 kg).

Another things that can be important to consider when you buy a travel toddler bed is the ease at which you can set the bed up. Look for those that inflate easily, and that hopefully come with an electric air pump. It also helps if the bed has its own carrying case.

You’ll want to make sure the travel toddler bed is light and portable, especially if you plan to take it on airplanes. Look for beds that when packed weigh no more than about 5 pounds (2.27 kg). These will be easier to pack around, will fit in small spaces, and are often small enough to be designated as carry on luggage.

Cost may be an additional factor to consider. However, cost should be less important than a warranty, especially if you plan to use the bed often. Another way to go is to not use an inflatable bed, but instead to purchase a nap mat. Of course children can get out of nap mats easily, but they are also light and portable, and they often come with blankets attached. They won’t deflate because they are usually filled with foam instead, but they may not be all that comfortable for sleeping on a regular basis.

Children, who have the tendency to roll out of bed, may do so easily with some travel toddler beds. Those beds that have slightly raised sides may be a better fit, since the child will have a little more trouble falling out. Fortunately, these beds are low to the ground, so kids don’t have far to fall. Yet if you’re staying at hotels or the like, you don’t want kids sleeping on high traffic carpets, and it may be better to consider raised side beds for most kids.

Tricia Christensen
Tricia Christensen

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