What Should I Consider When Buying a Toddler Pool?

Sherry Holetzky

Buying a toddler pool is a great way to introduce little ones to water, but there are some things to keep in mind when shopping for one. A toddler pool should obviously be shallow, not only to limit the depth of water, but also so you can easily reach your child at all times. Remember, even the tiniest amount of water can harm a small child, so never leave children unattended.

Inflatable pools have cushioning in case the child slips.
Inflatable pools have cushioning in case the child slips.

When shopping for a toddler pool, it is also important to carefully examine the different types of construction and materials from which the pools are made. Soft-sided inflatable pools offer cushioning should a child slip, and they are very affordable and portable, making them appealing to parents of small children. Inflating a toddler pool may appear to present a challenge, but most can be filled easily with a simple tire pump.

If you’re worried about punctures, it’s a valid concern, but these pools are constructed from strong vinyl. While they don’t puncture as easily as one might think, it is a possibility. If you choose an inflatable toddler pool, look for one that includes a patch kit, or pick up a kit when making the purchase.

A vinyl toddler pool with collapsible sides is another good option. Because the sides are flexible, children who fall may be less likely to get hurt. This type of toddler pool is also affordable, as well as portable. It is simple to empty, which is another thing to keep in mind, since a toddler pool needs to be emptied and refilled frequently.

A solid form, hard plastic toddler pool is probably the simplest to clean. Because the surface is harder, it can easily be sprayed clean with a garden hose. This type of toddler pool is also very inexpensive, although not as easy to empty or as portable as other options.

A soft sided or collapsible side vinyl toddler pool may require more effort when it comes to cleaning. Because the surfaces are soft, dirt may stick more readily and require scrubbing instead of just a quick spray with the hose. Each of these options has certain benefits, and all of them are comparable in price.

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