What Should I Consider When Buying a Portable Gas Stove?

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Owning a portable gas stove comes in handy when you enjoy camping trips or preparing a simple meal by the lakeside or on the beach. With units that range in size from small one burner models ideal for fitting into a backpack to larger units that can make preparation of a meal for several people an easy task, there are portable stove models that are right for just about every outdoor situation. When purchasing one of these stoves, there are a few factors to keep in mind.

Choosing the right portable gas cooking stove for your needs usually begins with determining how you envision using the device. If the idea is to have the portable gas stove on hand to augment the cooking done with a grill or open fire, one of the single burner models is likely to be sufficient. However, if the plan is to do most of the cooking with the stove, going for larger units with two to four burners is likely to be a better option.


Size is also another important factor to consider. Individuals who like to spend the weekend hiking in the mountains are likely to find a smaller portable gas stove to their liking. The one-burner units will fit in nicely with other camping equipment and not add much weight to a backpack. However, families will usually do well to go for a larger unit with multiple burners, making it possible to prepare an entrée and a couple of side dishes at the same time.

The fuel source is another important consideration. While most portable cooking stove models on the market today make use of a standard bottle of fuel, that is not always the case. A few brands of the portable gas stove require a customized fuel container that will only fit that particular brand. Unless you have easy access to the custom containers, going with a stove that uses a standard fuel container would be more convenient.

Along with the type of fuel container, it is also a good idea to investigate the process for detaching a used container and connecting a full one. With some models, the process is very simple and requires no tools. Others are somewhat more complicated and may require a screwdriver. If you prefer to keep things as uncomplicated as possible, go with a portable gas stove model that makes the process as easy as possible.

Construction is another factor that merits close attention. There are several models of the portable gas stove that are constructed with stainless steel bodies. Some designs feature recessed knobs to operate the device while other protrude away from the body. You can also find designs that have a protective cover that make it possible to transport the stove without fear of damaging the eye or any of the knobs on the unit. While you may pay a little more for the steel body and the protective cover, the cost is worth it if you plan on using the stove frequently.

Choosing the right portable gas stove means deciding what you need, how frequently you will use the device, and how much food you will prepare at a time. Once you have good idea of what you want, it will be a simple task to focus on makes and models that meet your needs.


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