What Should I Consider When Buying a Paper Towel Dispenser?

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When purchasing a paper towel dispenser, there are several things you need to consider. The first consideration is the intended purpose, as a paper towel dispenser used in the home has different requirements than one that is used in a business. Typically, a paper towel dispenser used in the home consists of a roller suspended between two stationary brackets that are attached to a wall or beneath a kitchen cabinet. The roller is placed through the hole in the center of the paper towel roll and replaced between the brackets. This allows the paper towel roll to spin when removing a towel.

When purchasing a paper towel dispenser, it is important to purchase one that provides enough clearance between the roller and the cabinet or the wall, in order to allow the paper towel to roll freely. If there is not enough space, the paper towel roll will become smashed or even stuck. This will prevent the paper towel roll from spinning and can damage the towels on the roll.

A paper towel dispenser used in the home should also be made of durable plastic or wood, so it will not break easily from repetitive use. One problem with using a paper towel dispenser, however, is that more than one towel may tear off at a time. In this case, it can be beneficial to purchase a paper towel dispenser with a special attachment that stops the roll from spinning after one towel has been removed.


When purchasing a paper towel dispenser for business purposes, it is important to select one that is easy for customers to use, as well as simple to maintain. One common design is a combination dispenser and garbage can. With this design, the paper towels hang right above the garbage. The customer pulls down on the paper towel dispenser in order to remove a towel. This design can be impractical, as it can force the customer to place his or her hand inside the garbage can in order to remove a towel. Although a combination garbage can and paper towel dispenser seems like a great idea, it is usually best to keep them separate.

Another paper towel dispenser design has a crank on the side. When cranked, the paper towel is ejected. This is also undesirable, because it forces the customer to touch the crank with wet or dirty hands. Today, the most popular and practical type of paper towel dispenser is one that is motion activated. When a customer waves a hand beneath the dispenser, it ejects the perfect sized paper towel.


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