What Should I Consider When Buying a Glass Pitcher?

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Most households have at least one or two glass pitchers tucked away in the cupboard. Some of the pitchers were part of a set, while others were unique creations found at out-of-the-way shops. A good quality glass pitcher is a nice change from serving beverages out of a plastic pitcher, and can actually add some fun to the table. If you are planning to add something new to your pitcher collection, here are some tips to help you find exactly what you want.

As you begin to shop for a glass pitcher, it will become apparent that it is possible to purchase pitchers that are inexpensive. There are costly options as well. Don’t assume that a higher price tag automatically means higher quality. Many of the pitchers sold in discount stores are constructed with the same grade of glass; they simply lack the brand name. Go for quality and don’t let the price tag form your opinion of the product.

If your goal is to purchase a glass pitcher for a special holiday, be prepared to pay full price as that holiday approaches. However, if you can wait until after the occasion has passed, there is a good chance you can pick up two or three holiday theme pitchers at half price or better. Having additional pitchers on hand can be a great idea, especially at parties or backyard barbecues.


While many people think of a glass pitcher as being a round receptacle with a handle, the fact is you have quite a few design options. You may discover that the graceful curves of a wine carafe would be more to your liking. Alternatively, you may spot a textured glass pitcher with a diamond cut design.

Along with carafes, a sturdy glass jug may be ideal for your purposes. Available in many sizes and colors, glass jugs are a fun alternative to pitchers. If you are looking for containers to use at informal parties, a jug or two can be a nice alternative.

One consideration that is often overlooked has to do with the members of the household. Some pitchers are made with heavy glass. That is fine, as long as the glass pitcher is not too heavy for family members to handle. Young children as well as elderly people may or may not find a heavy pitcher easy to lift or pour. Fortunately, there are many glass pitchers that are constructed with lighter glass and will be much easier for everyone to manage.

If you really want to buy something a little different, visit a few thrift shops, flea markets, and antique malls. These are excellent sources of pitchers from days gone by. You can find Depression era pitchers, colorful pitchers from the fifties, and some of the wild designs sold during the Sixties. Best of all, you can often purchase these treasures at affordable prices and have something a little different from everyone else.

In an era where plastic water bottles are everywhere, serving lemonade, tea, or punch from a glass pitcher is a nice way to dress up even casual evenings at home. Take some time to explore all your options, then buy one or two pitchers that you will enjoy using for many years to come.


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