What Should I Consider When Buying a Futon Mattress?

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There are many points of consideration when buying a futon mattress. Naturally it should fit the frame a person chooses, so people will first want to make sure that size of the mattress corresponds with frame size. Most other choices may come down to economic circumstances and the plans for the futon. It can be easier to get away with a slightly less comfortable mattress if the futon will not be a sleeping space. Mattresses that will be used principally as beds take a little a more thought to choose.

If the futon mattress will function as a bed, thicker tends to be better. However, shoppers should also check the mattress for any bumps or poor form to make certain that these won’t render trying to sleep uncomfortable. There are many types of mattresses and some may be better for better for beds than others. The simplest types can be cotton or cotton/polyester blends stuffed with thick batting or stuffing. Others are completely made of foam, which may not adequately support the body at rest, though these are lighter. A few have cotton and foam, or cotton layers, and memory foam or latex.


Some futon mattress types are a combination of cotton layers, foam and inner springs. These may prove more comfortable to sleep on, and they may most resemble the sleeping style of a bed with a tradition innerspring mattress. However, they are often harder to fold and convert back into couches and chairs. If a person plans to use the mattress as a sitting and sleeping space, they may be better off choosing one without springs.

Price on a futon mattress tends to vary. The thinnest ones or those that only have foam may be cheapest, but this may matter little if these cushions can’t provide a comfortable sleeping space. Look for sales and deals to find thicker mattresses for sleeping when price limits a person to very thin or poorly constructed mattresses. Alternately, some people can find a used mattress in good condition. If stuck with a really thin mattress, consider augmenting comfort by adding heavy foam or down mattress pads or pillows.

Many futons have corresponding covers. It’s a great idea to have at least one cover since this will protect the life of the mattress. Some of these are more decorative and require dry cleaning while others can be easily tossed in the washing machine. It may be best to opt for the latter. Plan on buying sheets and bedding too in appropriate sizes. Most futon mattress types are made in sizes that will correspond to twin, full, or queen sheets and other bedding.


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