What Should I Consider When Buying a Ductless Range Hood?

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Ductless range hoods are range hoods that filter the air inside the home and release it back into the home. The air passes through a filter in the range hood, filtering out pollutants that cause odor to develop in the kitchen. If you are considering the addition of a ductless range hood to your kitchen, there are several things that you should keep in mind.

When buying a ductless range hood, you should consider the amount of noise the range hood generates, the amount of air it circulates, the type of filters it uses, and of course, how it appeals to you aesthetically.

Range hoods, both ductless and vented, can be very loud. While you may not believe that the sound of the range hood matters much, it should be one of the key parts of your decision. A loud range hood can make it difficult to carry on a conversation, and this can make it less likely that you will use the range hood on a regular basis. The amount of noise generated by a range hood is measured by a unit known as a sone. When comparing different range hoods, remember that the lower the sone, the quieter the range hood will be when it is running.


Another consideration when shopping for a ductless range hood is the speed at which the range hood cleans and replaces air in the home. The speed that the range hood replaces the air is measured in cubic feet per minute, or CFM. The higher the CFM, the quicker the range hood works to clear the kitchen air. Speak with a kitchen design professional to determine the proper CFM for the size and layout of your kitchen.

The filters used by a ductless range hood can be either disposable or permanent. Disposable filters can be made of a variety of materials. Charcoal filters make an excellent choice for kitchen range hoods. They do an excellent job of filtering out the pollutants in kitchen air that can lead to odors. Permanent filters may be made of a material such as aluminum. These filters need to be cleaned to remove the buildup of grease and soot that can make it difficult for your range hood to work properly.

Finally, consider the appearance of the range hood and how it will look in your home. Too often people fall in love with a particular range hood in the store, but once they bring it home it does not look as nice. It may be too big, too small, or hang too low. When you go to a kitchen showroom to look at ductless range hoods, take in the measurements of your stove as well as the distance between the top of the stove and any upper cabinets or the ceiling.


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