What Should I Consider When Buying a Desktop Computer Battery?

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When buying a desktop computer battery, you should consider what type of battery you need and how you are planning to use it. If you are purchasing a replacement battery for your computer motherboard, for example, then you should be sure to purchase the same battery that was initially on your motherboard. A battery backup for your desktop computer can be quite helpful in preventing data loss during a power outage, and you should consider the power such a battery can supply. If you are looking for a new power supply, rather than an actual desktop computer battery, then you should ensure you choose one that meets your needs.

A desktop computer battery can potentially refer to a few different computer components, and there are different considerations you should keep in mind for each. If you are looking for an actual desktop computer battery, typically the one located on a computer motherboard, then you should find the exact same battery you are trying to replace. This is usually a lithium battery, similar to those found in watches and other small electronic devices. It is very important you choose the same type of battery, as the wrong battery could damage your computer’s motherboard.


The term “desktop computer battery” can also refer to a battery backup device for a desktop computer. This is typically a device that the computer and other systems are plugged into, which then plugs into a wall outlet or other power source. The battery backup then charges while in use and holds a charge so that the computer will not lose power during a power outage. You should choose a backup battery that can provide you with the power you need for enough time to properly save and shut down your computer, though you may also find a backup that can let you use your computer for an hour or more after power loss.

If your desktop computer does not have the power to run properly, even when plugged into a wall outlet, then you likely need to replace your power supply in the computer, rather than the desktop computer battery. The power supply in your computer plugs directly into a wall outlet, and then provides numerous cables that connect to other components within your computer case, distributing power to them. If you need to replace your power supply, then you should look for one that provides enough power for the components within your computer, especially your motherboard and video card, and that has enough connectors for any disc drives and hard drives you have in your computer.


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